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It wasn't all student loans that paid for Obama Husseins college was it?.?

It is just another truth in the getting to know your candidate series. Khalid al Mansour / A.K.A Donald Warden who is an orthodox Muslim and black nationalist and outspoken enemy of Isreal had a hand in Barry's Harvard education.

Khalid al Mansour asked associate Percy Sutton founder of Inner city Broadcasting and lawyer for Malcolm X to write a letter to harvard for Barry to gain admittance.

Khalid was a pretty fair writer himself putting forth the book ' The lost books of Africa rediscovered ', a book filled with anti-American sentiment which states that America is plotting genocide against millions of blacks.

Khalid lobbied hard for monies to further Obama Hussein's education because lets face it, student loans can't pay for Harvard alone.

Khalid is close freinds with a Saudi prince Alaweed bin Talal. Khalid has tapped into the saudi's for monies before and Barry's college funding was a forgon conclusion.

Imagine getting a Saudi prince to help with your college and have the ' Audacity to hope ' no one would ever find out.

Boy the Muslims love Barak Hussein for some reason don't they, seems to be ties everywhere.

And who can forget this You tube bit of enlightenment from Ahmed Yousuf leader of Hamas, " We like Mr. Obama, we hope he will win the election...".

Hope that helps people make up their minds, this now concludes this segment of ' Getting to know your candidate ' .Tune in tommorrow for our next segement ' Racist Muslims, Socialist and Scandal '.

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    Of course , in Obama's book he says he wants to finish out Malcolm's dream to unite the people in the name of Islam- OBAMA's WORDS! Page 86! He also said that he would look for leaders to help him accomplish this new world. OBAMA's WORDS! He is such a PHONY!

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    cutter_tree, you have a message that liberal, elite media types would love to squash. This education funding may be just the tip of the ice burg as to why the Islamic leaders HOPE their man, Obama will be next in the White House. More power to you in your quest for open journalism!

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    Fiction is always fun to read.

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    state your plz

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    Please source

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