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以下是三個班別上班的時間 :

Day-shift : 08:30~17:40

Night - shift : 17:30~02:30

over night - shift : 23:30~08:30

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    The working hours between night shifts and over-night shifts are overlapped from 23:30 to 2:20.


    This is not help with raising production ability at all but to cause management problem


    We have too many workers but not enough equipment to operate during the overlapped hours. We sincerely hope someone in the management department would make a change to improve this poor situation.

    以下是三個班別上班的時間 :

    The working hours of the different shifts are as followed:

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    The night shift already overlapped with the big night shift work time

    (23:30~02:30), I thought this to produced can the promotion has not

    certainly helped, moreover created gang foreman's puzzle, because we

    did not have fully the tool was allowed to use, the person which

    had the authority please helps us to improve present situation. Below

    is the time which three classes do not go to work:

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    The operating hours of our daily night shifts and over-night shifts have been overlapping, I personally don't think these shifts aren't helping us at all. Our manager has also been facing many problems concerning our lack of office supplies. We're wondering if there's anybody with the ability to help us improve.

    These are the following shifts :

    Day Shift : 08:30~17:40

    Night Shift : 17:30~02:30

    Over-Night Shift : 23:30 ~ 08:30

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    the operating hours of the night shift and over night shift have been overlapping and have not proved to be increasing corporate efficiency efficiency; in addition the overlapping hours have also created problems for the manager. Since we do not have sufficient equipments to operate we would like to invite any authority figure to help us improve our current condition. Below are the shift hours:

    Day-shift : 08:30~17:40

    Night - shift : 17:30~02:30

    over night - shift : 23:30~08:30


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