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I'm thinking of being an exchange student...?

Have any of you out there been or hosted an exchange student?

How did it work out? What country did you go to? or what country was the student you hosted from?

The places i could go to are: hong kong, japan, johannesburg, czech republic, brazil, australia, france, china, argentina, new zealand, switzerland, England, SPain, or germany. What's it like in these countries?

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    Being an exchange student was one of the most enriching experiences of my life, and I whole-heartedly recommend it. I lived in Germany for my junior year of high school, where I lived in the former east and went to school there. Germany, and other Western European cities like it, will have a similar feel (though they are all VERY different!) -- there's an "old world" feel, lots of history, and more of a town/village culture in the places you're likely to go. Honestly, it's hard to describe what it's like, and I would recommend choosing a country based on your language and culture interests.

    I also hosted an exchange student, which was very enriching -- it's great to give back the experience I had. That said, both sides of it are challenging -- foreign exchange is for mature individuals who can handle a lot being thrown at them -- it's hard, but great!

    I recommend checking out -- they go to all of those countries, and are a great organization.

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    I've been hosting for 14 years now -- all but one experience was really great! But, you can't win them all!

    I've hosted from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Brazil and I have a Norwegian now. My husband and I have visited our kids in most of these places at least once, and some a couple of times.

    To be an exchange student you have to be open minded, flexible and persistent! But it's worth it!

    As to picking a country, there are several things to look at. What cultures interest you? What would you like to learn? I do recommend one of the countries where you would learn a new language. That is one of the biggest benefits of an exchange year.

    For lots more info and stories, I'd recommend checking out

    That's an online forum and information center for exchange students.

    You also need to be careful in what program you use. I recommend the top three -- AFS, YFU and Rotary Exchange. You can also check with your high school counselor for a recommendation.

    Good luck and have a great year!

    Source(s): 14 years hosting/repping exchange students
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    2 years ago I went on an exchange program to China for 6 months, it was hard at first, but after a few months I started to love China.

    After extending my stay 6 months and staying a year I finally went back to Australia.

    I felt so lost in Australia and missed China so much I went back to China and I've been happy here for another year.

    Take this opportunity you will love it, it was the best decision of my life. The second best decision was coming back to China a second time.

    Things will be different, maybe not as clean as you'd like, people may not seem friendly or may seem rude. But these are cultural differences, accept them and try to keep a sense of humor for those times you're in trouble and you'll love it.

    Just try not to get too serious about the differences or issues or they will become painful for you and you'll not enjoy yourself.

    Enjoy your exchange and don't let anyone talk you down. It's your life not theirs.

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    is it valued at it? YES. any support with getting the commute mounted? There are tons of organizations, seek on-line. I recognize EF of and Youth for Understanding (AFS). is it risk-free? Depends. There were absolute horror reports, but in addition raving reports. There are creeps in every single place I wager. Make definite you already know in which you're going, have a good guidebook of the nation and ample emergency cash so that you could waltz right into a journey company and hop at the subsequent flight dwelling. and wheres the high-quality location to head? -i take spanish. If you are taking Spanish move to Spain and opt for Portugal, Romania and Italy as moment and 3rd offerings.

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    I actually went to Japan last year just for a couple weeks, but man, it was Freaking AMAZING! I seriously loved it. I ended up working for almost a year just to save up the money but trust me it was easily the funnest thing I have ever done. I'm saving up again so I can go on my own, my school only offers the chance once to each person >.< Oh, I went to Hamamatsu and Kyoto. My friend visited Tokyo and said it was crazy awesome too. All the people there are really awesome, and its a totally different experience from America, go for it!

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    Man you're so lucky if you are already in an exchange program.

    But i was looking at this place someone told me about it looks good

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    Why not INDIA

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