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What is the density of the titanium in g/cm^3? ?

A titanium bicycle frame displaces 0.314L of water and has a mass of 1.41kg. rho = ? g/cm^3

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    since the density is in g/cm^3, you need to convert 1.41kg into grams and .314 L into cm^3. there are 1000g in a kg, so you multiply 1.41 kg by 1000, and you get 1410 g. you do the same for L because there are 1000cm^3 in 1 L. so you multiply .314 L by 1000, and you get 314 cm^3. now you divide mass/volume to get the density. 1410g / 314cm^3 is 4.49 g/cm^3, which is your final answer.

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    Density Of Titanium

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