What is the average pay for phone sex operators?

How much does the average phone sex operator make per hour? Or week or etc.

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    I work as a phone entertainer. The amount of money you will earn obviously varies on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

    To start, you need to look at phone sex as a real job. Most companies will require you to put in at least 20 hours a week logged in for calls and expect you to stick to your schedule. Most companies will hire you as an independent contractor so there is some flexibility but if you are serious and want to make money you need to be motivated and put the work in.

    There are many different types of phone sex companies out there. There are companies like USA Chatlines that will pay as little as 7 cents a minute (and up to 40 cents a minute) based on things like hold times (how long you can keep a caller on the phone on average) and the number of calls you take.

    A company like USA Chatlines is often a starter company where many girls will get their feet wet with the industry. They will send you back to back calls and you won't really get a break in between them and a lot of their callers are very short callers. If all you want to do is sit around and get fast calls you may like this best. You certainly won't make the most money with a company like this even if your hold times are great since the most they pay is 40 cents a minute ($24 an hour).

    That is an example of a classic dispatch company. There are many smaller dispatch companies that will pay better but its always a toss us based on call volume and quality of callers. Some companies cater largely to an upscale clientele. They charge a lot, they pay well and the callers will typically talk for 30 minutes or longer per call. Many starting companies that pick dispatch as an option will pay well but they won't have many callers and it won't be unusual to sit around for hours waiting for a call. Typical pay for a dispatch company will be between 25 cents to 90 cents a minute.

    Direct Dial companies are companies that require you get (or they give you) an 800 number. They usually pay for the number. Some require that you do something known as trolling (go around to adult chatrooms and other places to try and get callers) while other companies will do all the advertising for you and all you have to do is pick up the phone. With direct dial companies you are also expected to take the persons credit card information and process it. You are essentially required to make the sale and therefore get paid more per minute. With a dispatch company the dispatcher takes all the credit card information so all you do is talk. Typical pay for a direct dial operator is 85 cents to 1.50 a minute.

    There are also various hybrids often known as combo companies. These can be direct dial or dispatch companies. Often they pay more than average dispatch but expect you to put a fair amount of work into it. They expect you to do things like blog, record free audios and ringtones, sit in chatrooms (often owned by the company), write up assignments, post on forums, instant message, join various social networking sites etc. in order to get callers and to maintain a strong relationship with your callers. It isn't as difficult as a direct dial/trolling company because the company usually does a large amount of advertising on their own but you are expected to do more than just sit there and wait for the phone to ring.

    Typical pay for a combo company is 50 cents to 1.25 a minute.

    Another route that many PSO's (phone sex operators) take is to create an account on www.niteflirt.com or a similar type of site. Niteflirt gets a large amount of traffic and has TONS of girls on there. You create a profile, add pictures and you have a number where people can reach you. They have their own internal bidding system so you can pay for your ad to appear higher in the listings but the more positive feedback you receive you get a naturally higher listing.

    Niteflirt is probably your best bet if you want to make the most money since you can choose what you want to charge your callers and earn more that way. Remember though that for niteflirt to work for you, you have to be motivated and work for your calls. Blogging, audios, emails, instant messaging, chatrooms, advertising and sticking to a regular schedule are all very important in making this work for you.

    Most PSOs fail because they are not willing to put the work into it. How much you want to earn really depends on you.

    I have been working as a phone entertainer for a few years and I have gone through more than my fair share of companies.

    I earn about $2000 a week on average. Some weeks I do better than others. Last month I earned 15k and the month before that was only 6k. That said... I often work between 60 to 80 hours a week, sometimes more. I work hard to build relationships with my callers. I email, instant message and text message them regularly. I offer my regular callers things like free calls on their birthdays and I remember a lot of little details about them. I have 2 blogs and I blog on each one at least 4 times a week. I record audios, I give homework assignments (make them do things and take pictures etc.) and have a very strong bond with my regular callers. My average hold time usually hovers between 50 and 60 minutes. That includes all those short calls too but most of my callers can afford to stay on the phone with me for at least 30 minutes.

    I also take a lot of highly specialized fetish calls and I am very good at what I do. I try and make each one of my callers think they are the most important person in the world when I talk to them. Sometimes I blog about my calls (never ever use their names) and it makes them feel special. I send out thank you notes for gifts that they send me (some callers like to send out gifts or leave tips for you so its good to have an amazon wishlist set up).

    The potential to make good money is there if you are willing to work for it.

    Also, a lot of companies have different paying policies. For example some companies sell their calls based on packages. Someone can buy a 30 minute package, talk for 5 minutes and you still get paid for 30. Other companies will only pay you for what you talked for. Some companies will round it up by a minute if it goes 1 second over the mark, others will require you to wait 30 seconds before you can bill for another minute. Some companies specialize in fetishes or taboo calls and others are more traditional or conservative. Some companies will demand you talk about anything, other companies will only send you the types of calls you feel most comfortable with.

    These are all things you need to research and remember that you may go through a few companies before you find one that works.

    An excellent resource for phone sex operators is www.psodivas.com you can talk to lots of pso's there, ask questions and find out details on lots of companies (like which ones don't care about their operators, have terrible contracts, don't pay on time etc.)

    I am sorry you have received a lot of stupid responses on here. Many people simply don't understand and are very quick to judge. From my perspective its a job like any other. If I were to work as an actress and play a murderer or any other type of character its no different. Somehow because its adult oriented its automatically bad. To each their own. From my perspective I am earning a 6 figure salary from home (have fun filling up your gas guzzling SUV's paying $20 a day to get to and from work) in my pj's with a flexible schedule and time to do whatever I want... and I get to talk about sex all day.

    You really have to be comfortable with yourself and sexuality to do a job like this but most importantly... I cannot stress this enough... you have to be able to treat it like any other job and work. Otherwise you will end up making a couple of hundred dollars a week and probably unhappy. Also, do not expect to make tons of money right from the start. It takes time to build up regular callers and it takes effort to keep them calling.

    Good luck!

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    What is the average pay for phone sex operators?

    How much does the average phone sex operator make per hour? Or week or etc.

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    In Australia I get 60c a minute, only fairly recently increased from 50c. I log on and off when I feel like it and it's VERY variable - for example usually Sunday mornings are very busy but today I've only made $12 in more than 6 hours. A few fortnights I've made around $400 but it's usually closer to $200.

    It's basically very boring, occasionally offensive and very occasionally interesting or exciting. Most calls only last 2 or 3 minutes, but I do it from home so I can do whatever I like as long as I keep the phone handy. Sometimes it's funny: this morning a friend arrived 1/2 earlier than expected and I was trying to talk dirty to a caller, tie the dog up and signal to her to be quiet all at the same time - the caller didn't notice a thing.

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