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Is Palin a good mother? It seems that her "family values" are murky.?

She has a special needs infant and a pregnant teenage daughter. Shouldn't she have the fortitude to stand by the purported Republican ideals of "family values", and take care of her home life a little.

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    It's just Karma... she cut funding for pregnant teens and teen mothers, she said that abstinence only sex-ed was the right way to go, and she lets her daughter drink and have sex at 16...

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    Having a special needs child has nothing to do with her parenting skills it could happen to any one, either does the fact that she has a pregnant teenage daughter. He daughter is her own person and as any mother should know you can instill morals in you children as they grow up but they have there own minds and make their own decisions so that doesn't mean that she isn't a good mother.

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    i think its probably hard, when you're as driven as Sarah Palin, to accept the responsibility of children. I personally feel that Sarah should have stepped away from the career and realized that the responsibility of children is first and foremost, and the responsibility of a truly mature individual. Honestly, the place in this world for a mature woman who wants children is in the role of mother. Parenthood is the one true calling of a responsible adult, and women should realize how truly special the job of mom truly is. Probably the most important job in the world. The raising of our young. And im an advocate of democratic ideals. Obama for president. You better wake up america, because if change doesnt happen soon, you're going to sink like a stone. Accept the fact that CHANGE is REQUIRED. Oh boo f'in hoo we dont want socialism. Dont you understand that public health care is benificial to you as a group? Not you the individual. The american people? Not me, the taxpayer. God damn america, when are you going to wake up, and realize that you the individual arent the only one that matters. OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT.

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    Yes-from my sources in Alaska. She is an excellent mother, wife, daughter, etc.

    She has very strong moral values and very strict on getting what her people want in Alaska.

    I believe she is taking care of her home life just fine.

    As for her teenage daughter, parents can only do so much, teens will be teens and parents cannot control them when they are out.

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    Einstein was a crappy father, you know.

    Oh, so she's a woman.

    So she can't serve ourt country because every woman has to be some Madonna to be acceptable.

    Yeah, I get where you're coming from, too.

    Still, if people will buy Britney's new music before she is sllegedly diagnosed, and Michael Jackson, of all people, still has fans,

    based on

    "their music",

    then why the hell does mothering figure into the Vice Presidency?

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    A parent can instill values into their children all they want but the child is going to do what they want the child can't be watched 24/7

    You can't blame the parent for everything the children do.

    The daughter is 17 and she's going to exactly what she wants and nobody going to tell her what to do.

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    OK, so what would you do differently? I think shes doing a fine job. What about Biden? He has kids.. just bc hes a man doesn't mean he is entitled to go out and have a career and women can't. Know the facts before you assume. Lemme guess another Obama follower, who evidently, well... i'm not even going to get into that.

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    I don't get why she can't do both.


    Sarah Palin is not her daughter. (As in, her daughter's actions don't necessarily reflect her parenting skills)

    Special needs doesn't always mean 24/7 surveilance.

    Edit: Haha, I don't think Palin LET her daughter just go drink and have babies..."Sure honey, just don't throw up in the car on your way home...try not to get any STDs while your there!"

    (No mother LET'S their children do these things)

    Source(s): ...Unless she didn't love them.
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    The Republicans these days are messed up.

    McCain's still fighting Vietnam, while Palin is a rookie used as a cheap device in McCain's bid for office. She's no Hilary.

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    Palin is a fine mother. 17 year olds will be 17 year olds (although it raises questions about abstinence-only education). My problem with McCain-Palin is on policy, not parenting skills.

    Republicans for Obama-Biden '08

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