Math help!? Try to find the next TWO numbers in the pattern!?

Can you please figure out these patterns and predict the next TWO terms.





where do the X,Y, and Z go?

I know there a lot of problems.

please tell me which problem you solve!

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    top one is 18, -1 --> pattern of primes

    next one is 2, H --> how many endpoints each letter has

    last one X Y Z, all go after the w --> they all have straight lines and its listed alphabetical

    for the third one try this

    Multiply the 1st and 2nd terms and get the 3rd. 2*3 = 6

    Multiply the 2nd and 3rd terms and get 18, which can be separated into

    two terms, the 4th and 5th terms. 3*6 = 18

    Multiply the 3rd and 4th terms and get 6, the 6th term (which is right after the "18" 6*1 = 6

    Multiply the 4th and 5th terms and get 8, the 7th term (which is right after

    the "6") 1*8 = 8

    Multiply the 5th and 6th terms and get 48, which can be separated into

    two terms, the 8th and 9th terms (which is right after the 7th term,

    the "8") 8*6 = 48

    multiply the 6th and 7th terms and get 48 which are the 10th and 11th terms

    multiply the 7th and 8th terms and get 32, which is the 12th and 13th term (32)

    mulitply the 8th and 9th terms and get 32 which is the 14th and 15th term

    multiply the 9th and 10th term and get 32 which would be the next two numbers in the sequence

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    sorry, but I can only help you with the first one...

    the numbers are in a increasing and decreasing by prime numbers

    6 + 2 = 8

    8 - 3 = 5

    5 + 5 = 10

    so on and so forth... you need to figure out what the next 2 prime numbers are in the addition subtraction sequence to determine what the next two numbers in the pattern are.

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    they r hard sorry dont know

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    wow those are hard

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