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How do I tell him or ask him out?????

Ok i like this guy in my class we are friends since the first day... he likes a girl named devin and well she is like weird! she wears a lot of black and hangs out with weird people! I mean he has NO clue that I like him, but my friends are kinda catching on.. so what do i do? Do I ask him out, tell him i like him? Can you just give me some advise i am confused about him!!!! Part of me want to tell him but the other part wants to keep it a secret.. he has said before, " What would you rate me 1 to 100?" so i said i dont rate boys and he said well yeah that would be weird cuz we are JUST friends. Then He said today that he doesn't want people to think we like eachother cuz we hang out! :( HELP ANY ADVISE I AM IN 6th GRADE DON"T REPORT ME PLZ JUST HELP ME PLEASE ADVISE ABOUT WHAT TO DO OR ANYTHING IN THAT LINE

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    I'm in 7th grade, I am a boy, I will not report you (what would I report you for anyway?), and I know exactly what you are going through! This is a crazy point of your life! Relationships are becoming the norm and the constant juggling of your social schedule, schoolwork, and the new yet exciting relationships! Wow! What a great section of life!

    I was in a similar problem as you, but she liked me from the start, then, slowly started becoming what I was pretending we were, just friends. I was so disappointed when she became just a friend after almost 2 years of suspense!

    If your situation is anything like mine, you should ask him out now. You said that he said "what would you rate my 1 to 100?". Well, if he is the type of guy that most guys are, then he is definitely curious! The other maybe 20% of guys just say that to act like they are interested and then ignore you as their strange way of putting a helpless girl through stress and thus making the person "needed". Yeah, we can be big jerks sometimes!

    I would say to maybe do some of the following:

    1. If you have a "middleman", or a friend that you both share, maybe ask them to talk to him! That way you don't blatantly say that you love him out of random. If the friend sets the thinking process chugging along, then maybe you can drop the ball if your friend says that he is interested. You see, guys really only think about one thing at a time. But they strongly feel about what they are thinking about. If they have a football game coming up, then they can't wait to crush their oppenents; same thing with love: if they cant stop thinking about it, you have a better chance!

    2.sorry running outta time but watch out because some guys (like me!) appreciate pure honesty over cleverness, so you might have to see how he behaves; is he a straight-shotter or more of a cautious type?

    It's your call, but trust me, don't take too long in your decision!

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    WOW chica! in 6th grade i was too busy learing how to use a straightener let alone a guy!. well when u say hang out do u mean like only you two hang? cuz if that is the case maybe just ask him to like the movies with a BUNCH of friends [its always fun to go in a group and show of ur flirtyness side] and well just mayeb try to see what he likes about the chick [the one who wears all black] and im not saying that u should be like her but maybe just the way she presents herself and/or personality is what he likes. [now im not saying that u should be who ur not. ur just trying to enhance urself.] and dear are u completely sure this is the guy u like cuz remeber u are in 6th grade so maybe look around a little bit and just be sure he is the one for u

    hopefully it helped =]

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    Why would anyone want to report such a sweet girl like you? Do people just assume that dating equals sex?

    Doesn't matter. Moving on to the issue: 6th grade? Hahaha. I used to have a crush on a girl when I was in 6th grade in India. I was so in love with her, or at least I though so.

    I think it is very good to get rid of infatuations at an early age. But you don't have the money or resources to take him out, do you? Just tell him that you like him. If he doesn't want a sweet girl like you, his loss! Move on! I'm sure there are happier days to come -- especially in high school (trust me).

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    if it is meant then it will happen grl,dont stress about it so much,it seems like to me that he liked you earlier on,but now that you tld him you did not rate guys he may think you are into gals.

    so show him you are intrested,hint around,and have some fun grl!!

    whats the worst?

    peace and love be with you

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    Sixth grade is confusing. Today was my first day. You should ask him if he likes you and if he says yes, then ask him out. And if he still says no, still ask him. Also, try to flirt with him, it will give him a message.

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  • tell him you like him. he's probably just scared to tell you that he likes you too. you really don't have anything to lose. just dont put down the weird girl because that will make you look bad.

    the answer below me is good too

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