What kinda cage?????

If you read my last question you will know I was asking about a bin cage, well I found something that wouldn't take up as much room and would still provide lots of room. I was looking into tank toppers. They are cages that sit on top of an aquarium.......i would get a 10 gal. tank topper. I found one that is fall proof, so the hamster cannot fall far distances and hurt itself..... i looked at every part and it is impossible for the hamster to fall a far distance.

So my question is, do you think I should get one of these tank toppers and buy a 10 gal. tank, should I make a bin cage, or should I just buy a cage from petsmart or petsuppliesplus?


also what do you think of this cage? I probably won't get it but just in case..... THANK YOU!!!! and please answer

no rude or mean answers!


Update 2:

also what do you think of this cage? I probably won't get it but just in case..... THANK YOU!!!! and please answer

no rude or mean answers!


Update 3:

for those who still have no clue what im talking about, this is a tank topper.....;-]


Update 4:

y wouldnt i just buy a ten gal. tank for 10 bucks? cause it says it fits 10 gal. tanks and i would just return it if it didnt.

Update 5:

i was gonna put cardboard down, since they can chew on it.... this is what everyone else does tht i know..... u can just tie is down with twisty-ties. or those other things tht i can remember the name of lol.....

Update 6:

sry if i didnt make it clear what kind of hamster i am getting.... it would be one syrian (teddy bear hamster) and I probably wouldnt get tht spacific cage I showed u in the link.

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    i think you should get a 20L tank or something close in size. toppers can hurt a hammie's feet. unless you get the plastic shelving kind or cover the floors. then it's alright. the cage you show is a good height but not enough floor space. you could also do something like this


    or http://www.petguys.com/-045125602100.html though if you could get bigger, you should. what kind of hamster are you getting? syrian or dwarf?

    edit- since it's a syrian i'd honestly say nothing with a lot of tubes. my guys always ate them and syrians get big to squeeze through. they can do it but it is really tight. your best bet either the second link i posted or your idea of a 10 and topper. though i'd suggest something other than cardboard. that'll get nasty fast under pee. you could use fleece and just wash it.

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    I think you should jest get a cage. The tank toppers are made of metal or wire, which can hurt your hamsters feet. If you get the topper, then you would have to lay some newspaper of padding down so her feet wont get caught or bruise. That can really be a pain though, so I think a plastic cage is much better. They one in the pic is nice, also look at the crittertrail cages at petsmart & petco.


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    I had a Teddy Bear hamster. They are so candy. I had mine in an aquarium earlier than I would get him a well cage and he used to be pleasant. Then, I went to Pets Mart and purchased him a colossal satisfactory cage a few days later. Mine used to be beautiful lazy. He ran on his wheel now and again, however he could cross up the tubes and simply sleep while I obtained him the fondness one. Either means I do not consider you'll be able to cross flawed.

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    Get a Crittertrail Z cage.

    It's actually very easy to manage and it lasts for a long time.

    Your hamster will love it too, mostly because of the optional attachments and removable ball.

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    i person ally think you should do this:

    1. buy the tank topper

    2. stop! don't buy the tank because you need a 50L tank

    3. instead buy a low rubbermaid tub http://img.nextag.com/image/Rubbermaid-Clear-Lid-1... no lid

    4. put the cage topper on that!


    Source(s): brains and hamster owner
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