Where to find the cheapest trd parts for a 05 Scion tc?

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    check out the website, it has links for almost every single online website that sells aftermarket toyota tc parts.

    also, if your just looking for trd parts and you want performance, trd isn't the best way to go. there are tons of other brands that are not overpriced and are way better than trd. even though scion says that you have a warrenty with trd parts etc, when it comes to something happening to your car and warrenty there is a common misconception. the warranty that deals with the tc and aftermarket parts is that if something happens to your car due to the inappropriate installation of parts, then they do not have to cover the costs and you have voided your warrenty. but, say for example your engine blows up after you installed some different brand lowering springs, you are still under scion's warrenty because the lowering springs did not cause the engine to blow up, something else did. so don't be afraid to use different aftermarket parts, as long as they are installed properly your car will be fine.

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    Scion Tc Trd Parts

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