Who is better: David Archuleta or Jonas Brothers?

I like them bot but the Jonas Brothers are really annoying now especially some of thier crazed fans!! lol

At least Archie fans don't get TOO obessed or upset when a celeb dislikes .

Archie is a good singer and actually doesn't have a whiny voice like Nick does sometimes (burnin up lyrics 'red dress') lol.

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    1 decade ago
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    David Archuleta is so better than Jonas Brothers, his voice is amazing, incredible, and his first single is beautiful, "Crush", it's a success...

    I am Brazilian, and here his single is on the radios, and probably Will be a big success.

    The Jonas is successful but David's voice is too stronger than Joe's one...

    It's my opinion, David's voice is the best of a 17 boy that I ever heard in all my life

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    David by far

    he is way hotter then all 3 of them put together

    and he actually has a good voice unlike the Jonas Brothers

    they need to control there breathing when they sing you can here them gasping after every word they sing

    I used to think Joe was hot but then i watched an episode of Jonas Brothers living the dream and he had a uni-brow and he just did not look to good at all

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    Ur horrible! lolsz (<<<joking way <<<) iI0V3 it when nick say 'Red dress'!! lolsz. But Im Not Sure Either I Agree With You On Everything Archies Fan Know How To Calm Down. But Jonas Fans Are Like 'ARGH JONAS' &nd Stuff But i think They're BOTH Greatt

  • David Archuleta is better than the Jonas Brothers. He has a better voice than all of them. I love Crush!

    David Archuleta is not gay! People need to stop saying that!

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    I like them both... but I definitely like DAVID ARCHULETA better. He has an amazing voice.. He is very cute and appreciates his fans very much too. I loved him on American Idol because his voice is so pure. :):)

    I'm not saying that The Jonas brothers don't appreciate their fans, cause i know they do and i'm still a Jonas Brothers fan. I just like David Archuleta better.

    Source(s): my opinion. I am a girl but this is my dad's account for his fantasy sports teams.
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    I love the jonas brother and david Archuleta they are my favorite artists but I think it is better david Archuleta for his voice is incomparable .. and crush his new song is amazing =) .. I think I am being more fans david Archuleta

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    As much as I like David Archuleta- I have to say JONAS BROTHERS. Sometimes their songs aren't that good but... it happens...

    And oh- when they will be sitting on a bench in Burger King, I can assure you, I will still like them.

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    1 decade ago

    The Jonas Brothers!

    The Jonas Brothers are 3 guys. Not 1.

    David is ok.....he is cute and he is really talented!

    He sings really really well.

    But I would prefer the Jonas Brothers!


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    1 decade ago

    Okaii for a start jonas haters dont need to make a comment like that its a simple answer david or jonas brothers!

    stop ranting on about how much talent they havent got

    they have more than alot of teen bands out thee just appreciate the fact some people like them please stop making nasty comments we dont do it to you!!

    I Like the jonas brothers the best! :)

    Source(s): my opinion
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    1 decade ago

    I'm a Jonas Brothers and I love Shia LaBeouf.

    And Chris Crawford. The things I'd do to that kid.

    I never liked David Archel..whatever.

    I always thought he was pretty gay.

    But everyone has their own opinion.

    Nick does have a whiny voice, it's annoying.

    But he does have a good voice when he isn't crying.

    Joe is sex.

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