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Can we win in case the world's militaries invade USA?

so in this scenario russia, china, the rest of europe, canada, japan and north korea simultaneously and treacherously launch missiles (without warning) directed at us and succesfully destroy many vital military installations. hundreds of thousands of foreign commandos suddenly launch an offensive in the capital surprising the national guards coz they thought theyre just tourists.(conventional weapons only, non-nuke war. USA not permitted to use nukes too. it's just a world where nukes have already been dismantled) then canadian and mexican troops with the aid of european and south american commandos invade our of the world sabotage our economy...russian, chinese, and european armies begin their long march to enter US soil. meanwhile, heavy missile strikes from enemy countries pester our defenses as we fight off the pesky mexicans and canadians. rest of the rich arab nations join in and donate military weapons to canada and asia, australia is transporting a massive army consisting of australian and asian troops(viets, thais, etc) via thousands of shipliners...meanwhile, we finally obliterate canada and mexico with our missiles and reduce the two countries to ashes but our military supplies are now down to we just take in mexico..our forces are unable to take over canada becoz it's too big and we want to concentrate on defense. we have launched minor counter attacks against europe via our submarines but our military's morale are low.. chinese, russian and europe ground forces are just weeks away.. we are able to sink hundreds of shipliners from asia and australia but a few thousands are still heading to our shores..and our submarines have used up all its missiles.. on the other hand Rockets and missiles hit us on a daily is using thousands of commercial ships and airliners to bring in advance parties...russia is using long ranged bombers to obliterate US cities.our radar systems are bogging down with heavy air traffic.add to this, arab and south american commandos already in our country embark on teroristic activities and bomb buildings and vital installations. our fighter planes are running low on fuel and cannot continue its impressive defense in the beginning against second class fighter planes from the rest of the world... citizens begin to arm themselves... tanks and soldiers, brave men and women in every street, church, school, forest. lake... millions and millions of chinese, russian, european and south american troops finally reach canada... meanwhile, california falls and millions of asian troops led by australia land ashore... global army's access to weapons is limitless while we are isolated and depleted.invasion begins in 24 hrs.. so how can we win?


the world is determined to crush us.. food is no problem. they have the world!

Update 2:

some guys missed the whole point of the question.. of course the US is formidable. in this scenario we annihilated two countries and was even able to bring the war to europe. we sank hundreds of ships and shot down hundreds of enemy planes..however, we can't sustain it coz we're running out of ammo. the world with all its industrial might just keeps on coming and coming.... US strength is not undermined. it's been used effectively, however, it's nearing depletion

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    Logistics more than anything else will make an invasion unlikely to succeed. The invading force would have to supply its troops with fuel, ammunition and food. While there is plenty in the US, it would probably be impossible for an invading force to leverage. The overall outcome would be the invaders being forced to stay at the borders and eventually be forced out.

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    Many of your assumptions undermine the US capabilities. If our economy, military installations, and land are compromised before we are even "allowed" to win, what do you expect? The most we could do is set up some sort of defense in the midlands and use insurgencies elsewhere.

    Much of the US power is to prevent a beachhead in the first place. If you totally take our navy, airforce, economic power, technology, and the fact that none of the world can ship forces around the world like we can out of the equation, then of course we can't win.

    Might as well ask if China could protect their sovereignty against a US assault, but they are not allowed to use nukes or guerilla resistance... oh and their population is now only 50 million due to massive famine and natural disasters.

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    the answers of the americans anent this question show great stupidity and a brazen disresepect for the capability of the rest of the world. USA in this scenario will be decimated in a year. US simply does not have the natural resources to match the productiveness of the rest of the world. There will be famine and water shortages in a year's time as the intelligent enemies (who are educated from the best universities of the world) will surely target food and water supplies. arab commando terrorists will surely bring down the police to its knees thereby insuring chaos in the streets. USA will be hell itself. and no country will come to its rescue as it decays. if the world is determined to destroy the USA at all cost it can and it will no matter what US throws in the way.

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    Oh my god there are so many things I can say here... 1.The Japanese destroyed your "amazing" American bay. 2.No America did NOT "save" the Russians the Russians invaded Germany in WWII and put up their flag at the reichstag in Berlin WITHOUT your "amazing"country coming in you had no contact with Russia offensive or defensive during WWII 3.The Whole world are you mad?! I mean America is big but you've gone too crazy America would not win against the whole world the reason you survived WWII is because the only people coming at you were the Jap's who are not the best military fighters but they can get the job done. 4.China Iraq and other countries have been developing nuclear weapons all they need to do is lob a few of them at Washington and you're done with no president there will be no one to command your country and if enough nuclear missiles bombs etc hit Washington the place will be inhabitable for at least 10 years And that is why America wouldn't win a war with the world.

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    We could bleed them to death like the vietnamese and the Iraqi's are doing, and we have a 2nd amendment to ensure that the people are well armed..for now... We threw everything we have at those two countries except the bomb and It is still not complete victory... That being said, only Nato and Israel have adopted the policy of preemptive war... So we should be more worried about our actions and kicking over a hornets nest in the name of spreading our fake *** "democracy".

    Democracy is two wolves and a sheep arguing over dinner.

    In a Republic the Sheep has a gun.

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    That's quite an amazing question, it sounds to me like the US would be completely screwed.

    Although if it's going to be occupied it could end up just like Iraq with American insurgents attacking daily. It would be extemly difficult to sustain an occupation without eradicating the american people

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    Without a nuclear deterrent, if your scenario were to actually transpire,

    no country, even the US, could expect to survive against the overwhelming odds you have described.

    Have you been watching 300 again?

    Source(s): World War I World War II
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    The USA was invaded in the 1812 war by a smaller force than you described and they proceeded to burn the white house down! So why not now?

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    WOW put the pipe down, and open a window!

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    America would still win!

    Wondering how such a thing might be, even against such impossible odds? Well that is easy...

    We have Chuck Norris.

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