What did you do for your babies first birthday?

Did you do a large party? I figured my daughter will only turn one once...but at the same time everyone keeps saying she won't remember the day anyway.

We rarely see our extended family anymore, so I feel like this would be a good way to have everyone gather. True or false?

What did you do?

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    My daughter turns one in October this year. I am planning a party for mine and my partner's families. You're right in saying that it is a good way to gather people together. My brother and his family live 8 hours away but they are still coming to the party! I am excited because it will be lovely to see everyone and I know that they will make a big fuss of my daughter (which she loves!). It will also be nice for her to see the photos and video of the day when she is older as she will see that the whole family wanted to be there to celebrate her birthday.

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    A family party is ideal. I had my family over. My son knew everyone and was comfortable at home. It gave all the infant cousins a chance to get together (there were several just a few months apart in age that year.) Since it was at my home everyone was comfortable. I just hung a banner and blew up a few balloons. Babies were too young for organized games, etc. They just crept about and were exchanged from lap to lap while the family caught up with them and each other.

    I served finger foods, pizza for the adults, and punch.

    Now my son is 23. We get a real blast looking at the family pictures! That's how your baby will remember too so take lots of them!

    Have fun!

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    Since I don't have a lot of money, and a big family I just got him a cake and a personalized banner. He of course got some presents, blew out his one candle. But since at one not one kid understands what is happening, it was no big deal for him.


    I got his banner made by them. They also have some stuff for first birthdays that they didn't have while mine was turning one. Crowns, special chairs, banners, and the other party essentials. I had also ordered this disposable camera that puts birthday messages on the pictures.

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    We had a big party for my daughter . my neighbor were shocked cause they were so many cars parked everywhere . some of them asked us later what was is it . and when we told them my daughter birthday t chey couldn't believe it . well i should say everything has a way to turn into a big celebration for us . it lasted at least 10 hours .

    and the family and friend gathering was what made our party so huge . we had to have 3 large cakes . well i should say we are huge baby makers in our family

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    I agree - it's a good way to get friends and family together.

    My son's first birthday is on Halloween this year. That Saturday, we are all going to get together at a local restaurant and have a party. Eat lunch, have cake, socialize.

    Hey, he's the first baby in our family since I was born - 30 years ago! We have to celebrate! :)

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    I had a fairly small first birthday party. Apparently I didn't like noise and my mam didn't want to stress me out. I know it was years ago but my mam still remembers.

    I had my family, one set of grandparents and my aunt and uncle. One cake, a couple of presents and no major fuss.

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    For our kids' first birthdays, we invited local extended family and close friends, but didn't bury the poor kids in presents. The highlight at each was putting them in their high chair and letting them do whatever they wanted with the cake, then hosing them and their surroundings down afterward.

  • Marina
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    I had a big to do for my children's first birthday's. I invited family, extended family, and friends. After the first birthday, I cut the list to family and close friends.

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    3 years ago

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    i think that there 1st is important, i had a big cake made had party music invited all kids i knew lol and all family had a load of food jelly and ice cream and every sang happy bday to her we filmed it so we can show her when she is older and took loads of photos

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