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請英文達人翻譯 早上作業(時間緊迫)part2




in the middle of the 1960s, beatrice and allen gardner started a project

that , along with other similar research, taught us a lot about the

chimpanzee mind.they bought an infant chimpanzee and began to

teach her the signs of ASL, the american sign language used by many

of the deaf in canada and the united states.the gardners achieved

remarkable success with their student, washoe. not only did she learn

signs easily,but she quickly began to put them together in meaningful

ways. it was clear that when she saw or used a sign, she formed a

picture in her mind of the object it represented. if, for example ,

she was saked in sign language to get an apple, she would go and find

an apple that was out of sight in another room.


when news of washoe's achievements were first announced to the

scientific community, there was a lot of protest. the results of the

research implied that chimpanzees had the ability to learn a human

language, and suggested that chimps might possess intellectual skills

similar to those of humans. although many were fascinated and excited

by the gardners discoveries, many more bitterly criticized the whole

project. the controversy led to many other language projects, and the

resulting research provided additional information about the

chimpanzee's mind.


chimpanzees also possess premathematical skills:they can for

example, easily tell the difference between more and less. they can put

things into specific categories according to a particular characteristic.

therefore , they have no diffculty in separating a pile of food into

fruits and vegetables at one time , and at another, dividing the same

pile of food into large and small, even though this calls for putting

some vegetables with some fruits.



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    在1960年代中期,碧翠斯和艾倫開始了一個計劃,與他們相同的研究,告訴我們很多關於黑猩猩的心態他們指導小黑猩猩學會ASL(手語的一種),在加拿大和其他州美國手語語言用於很多聾啞者,艾倫得到值得注意的成功與他們的學生Washoe(這是第一位非人類可是可以表現出人話的猩猩,他靠手語),牠不但能容易學習手語,也能拼組出有意義的話語,這很清楚表現在他看到且用手語,牠可以模擬一個圖在心裡,某個物體的呈現,舉例來說,有人用手語表現出一顆蘋果給牠看(saked 應該是asked),牠就可以走到另一間房間去找蘋果。




    Source(s): 看起來像一篇linguistic文章
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