Weather similar to San Jose,Ca?

Anyone know of any places with climate similar to San Jose, Ca? I currently live in the south bay area and would love to relocate to somewhere where the weather is similar but not as expansive or crowded. Thanks!

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    There are lots of places along the California coast that are just as nice, and not quite as expensive. Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, San Juan Capistrano, San Diego, Santa Rosa, etc.

    San Jose has what's called a "mediterranean" climate. So if your tastes run to Europe, you could live in Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. Spain and Greece are relatively inexpensive.

    Of course, the trick is finding a nice place, where you can also make a living.

    Source(s): I live in San Jose, and completely understand why you would ask such a question.
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    The summer climate in Australia relies upon on the place you're. the winning wind is an easterly, the southeast commerce winds. The easterly blows off the Tasman Sea and the Coral Sea onto the east coast bringing moist air , clouds and rain. Sydney and Brisbane and all places between and north of Brisbane have heat moist summers. a similar easterlies come off the land into Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth so the summers there are dry. they're additionally very heat to warm and all 3 cities gets temperatures of 40°C each and every now and then in the process summer even though ordinarily it is not as warm as that. it somewhat is cooler close to to the coast the place the sea breeze (nicely-known simply by fact the Fremantle wellbeing practitioner in Perth) brings cooler air from the sea yet simply by fact the sea breeze comes off the sea, the humidity is intense. in spite of this, 25° with seventy 5% relative humidity is a lot greater tolerable than 40°C with 10% RH. The "Mediterranean" climate is warm dry summers and mild-weight moist winters. you detect that in the process Adelaide and Perth. Melbourne has cooler winters than the two of the different cities. Adelaide and Perth might have climates maximum resembling southern California with Melbourne being greater resembling northern California.

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    I live in Hayward (BAY AREA), how about L.A. the weather is very nice out there..I've also been to montana and the wheather is very similar to the bay, great place to visit very calm and the people are too kind...good thing

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    I think Tucson, Az would be an affordable choice for you.

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