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i have a baby pitt it is a brown and white girl I want something with a meaning?Any suggestions?

A name for my dog


i want something thatsd nise that means like queen or pricess ,cute,pretty,anything unique

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    Ali'imalu - peaceful ruler

    (AL ee ee Ma loo)

    Pit bulls are the peaceful rulers of our hearts~*~*

    Anela - Angel

    (aa NEH la)

    They are clearly angel that were sent from heaven~*~*

    Aleka - Defending men

    ( a LEH ka)

    They will defend their familys with their life~*~*

    Kanae - Beautiful One

    (kah nah EH)

    PitBulls Are Beautiful Animals~*~*

    Kanani - The Beauty; The Glory

    (ka NA nee)

    Keena - Judged

    (KEE nah)

    Judged they are, misunderstood and judged~*~*

    Kekoa - The Brave One; The Soldier

    ( keh KOE ah)

    But they are brave little soldiers, after being treated the way they have been they are still able to open their hearts up to love, they take a second chance and don't show an ounce of fear, and put trust and understanding in man even though most man can't put trust and understanding into them~*~*

    God bless pitbulls, congrats on accepting one in to your family.

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    You can find thousands of names on the sites listed below. Dog-paw-print.com has lists of 100 dog names, girl dog names and top pet names. Funpetnames.com lists names alphabetically by name, meaning, type and gender. They also have a section to browse by origin (i.e., australian, french, german). Have fun picking out a name for your baby pitt.

    Source(s): dog-paw-print.com funpetnames.com mypetpals.com/ptnms.html
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    Kimjoey is you hate the breed so much why bother answer the question in the first place? Get bent

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    I have 2 amstaffs and their names are Daisy and Lollipop! :) Google baby names or dog names and something will come up!

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    Sienna - means reddish brown

    Tawny- means Golden brown

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    Go kick rocks. If you hate the breed, then don't answer these question and make a fool of yourself.



    Dame and Venus are two names I love for dogs.

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    what kind of meaning are you looking for? spiritual, philosophical, what do you like? do you like the outdoors, music, do you want something your children would enjoy? tell us a little more so we can help :D

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    i like the name zora!

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    Sorry, I'm just anti - pitt :(

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