What exercises can i do before bed?

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can someone recommend a routine i can do about an hour before i go to bed?
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Go here they have tons of workouts you can do...and for every part of your body...you should try to get a little cardio in too if possible =) hope this helps! self.com....and it doesn't matter what time you workout as long as you are doing it...just listen to your own body...if it doesn't bother you to workout then go ahead...don't worry about what others say about it not being good to workout right before you go to bed...as long as you are getting active! =)
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  • MICHAEL R answered 6 years ago
    In the evening, the best thing to do is to wind down and get a good night's sleep. You want to exercise in the morning to raise your metabolism rate. If you do that too late in the day, it will tend to keep you up at night.
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  • Sarah M answered 6 years ago
    Exercise before bed is not good - it gets your adrenaline pumping and doesn't get rid of energy as well as you think.
    Exercise is best done in late morning or early afternoon if you want a better night of sleep.
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