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Why Would Sarah Palin "Deny" Her Affliation with the Alaskan Independent Party When...?

she proudly displayed it in her "former" wikipedia page before it was "scrubbed"? Does she have something to hide? Or is this a case of "plausible deniability" in which you address the nation with "deny, deny, deny" until your press secretary writes a book "outing" you? Sounds just like McBush/McSame? Perhaps, Gov. Sarah Palin is also an IT hacker as well?

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    She is denying her affiliation because it is politically disadvantageous. The Alaskan Independent Party wanted to succeed from the Union. You can't claim patriotism to the USA when your husband been a member of this party.

    If democrats use the same smear tactics of association that the republicans have been using at Obama, then being with a man for 20 plus years who is associated to AKIP makes Sarah a separatist and anti-american.

    "Election Records

    Alaska election records show that Palin has been a registered Republican since she first registered to vote in 1982, according to Gail Enumiai, the director of the Alaska State Division of Elections.

    Her husband, Todd Palin, was a registered member of the Alaskan Independence Party from 1995 until 2002, except for two months in 2000 when he switched to undeclared, the records show. In 2002 he changed his registration back to undeclared, which is his current status, according to Enumiai. "

    I can see Dems saying 'how can she be with her husband and raise a family with a man that wants Alaska to leave the union? These are treasonous desires and you want a person one heart beat away from the Presidency to have these associations:" Typical tit-for-tat US politics.

  • I wonder why McCain made the gaffe of picking this fulminating bag of trouble for him. First it's revealed she's a gun nut, and then that her daughter's a trollop and her grandson a bastard in the borning. What next, she was an employee at a chicken ranch in Nome between 1990 and 1999???

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    Palin had made it easy for Obama. He was already winning but she has guaranteed him the white house.

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    Too much sugar in that Kool-Aid?

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    geez the idiocy is rampant today. What do you have on your wikipedia page?

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    Just like the current administration and many others...DENY, DENY, DENY!!!

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    Nice reach, but it was not "her" wikpedia page as those pages are created by editors not the people they are about.

    Second she was never a member of the party you suggest she was; period. You lose - she wins - typical liberal who can't get it right.

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    Because she is a republican aka lier.

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    Because it is an "inconvenient truth"....

    OBAMA 08!!!

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    "her" wikipedia page? You do realize that a wikipedia page isn't her official homepage, right? Anyone can change that. I mean, the ignorance in this question is insane!

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