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i created a new yahoo id and i put my other email address (this one) as the back up.

i got an email from an address that was asking me to verify my email address because another id had been added to my account. now i wasnt really sure so i went to the link it had and i logged in, but it told me the account i was registered for was not the one i was logged in to...

so i got scared and i went and changed my password right away.

was this a hacker??? now that i changed my password, they cant get in right?

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    That isn't a Spam.Its an E-mail from Yahoo to confirm your E-mail address (The New one).Even I got it to verify my E-mail address to the one I provided.But Beware of one thing,Yahoo never asks you to give out your personal details or any other such personal data of yours.

    As you've changed your password for now,you're safe.Nobody can get into your E-mail account or hack you.The Best thing I advise is,keep changing your mail password very often.This makes others to know your password or hack into your account!

    Here's what you should NOT do:-

    • adrienne4 years agoReport

      INCORRECT INFO! If the hacker has set up an alternate email address on your account, they can change your password and hack into it again. You also need to verify the alternate email address. While you are at it, verify all your other account information as well (phone #, security questions, etc)

  • Robin
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    4 years ago

    I have not recieve any of this yet but... This topic was bought up in either some forum I went to or Yahoo Answers. From the info I aquired, This started back a few years ago in the 90s to early 2000 and recently this hoax has recently resurfaced... But the one I've read was sent to hotmail 'supposingly' from MSN and not Yahoo. Also MSN have already confirmed back then that there is no such thing.

  • 5 years ago

    Yahoo Mail Maintenance Scheduled for 10 pm PT on Sat. May 9

  • 4 years ago

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    I had receive a similar one a few years ago. I respond and it is confirm a SCAM from nigeria. Dont respond to it. Yahoo will never ask password or your occupation.

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  • 3 years ago

    This comes up on mine..."Someone is trying to sign-in on your account with outdated security or old apps". one was here to try and sign in. Would guess it's a scam, didn't answer.

  • 4 years ago

    It's a scam. The purple "Y" that accompanies a Yahoo message isn't right and it's blurry. DO NOT follow the listed links they provide. "yahoo-inc" isn't part of Yahoo.

  • 6 years ago

    Yahoo is THE WORST there is. Why anyone would sigh up with them is beyond any common sense

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