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What popular arthur do you believe should write their works on toilet paper?

so the pages can be easily flushed down the crapper.


ahem, I meant author.

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    I think Michel Moore should use toilet paper for film, does that count? Of course there's that Twilight poop, but then that would be a waste of toilet paper.

    I like Kelsey's answer too

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    I can't believe trees died to print the Twilight series (not saga. Star Wars deserves to called a saga. Twilight does not). Edward sucks, Bella sucks, there isn't a plot, the writing is awful, the message is awful, there are so many plot holes I could scream, they are too "happy ever after" (what happened to sacrifice? Life's a *****, then you die. You don't always get what you want, yet everyone in the series, to some extent, gets what they want. That's a bit too unrealistic for my taste-- I hate happy endings), etc. I seriously considered burning Breaking Dawn, but in the end I just returned it to the store.

    The Ravenscar Dynasty by Barbara Bradford was terrible too. The first half of the book was interesting enough to keep me reading, but I wanted to shoot myself in the foot by the time I finished it. It dragged on forever, the plot got boring and flat after awhile, and the main character (ironically, his name is also Edward... maybe I have a prejudice against Edwards) is a total manwhore. There were about eight sex scenes with 5 or 6 different women. I can handle sex scenes, but it got to the point where I felt like I was reading porn about Female Trophies because he was screwing someone every chapter.

    Source(s): Oat-- Are you kidding? Dickens is arguably one of the best writers ever to live! Sure, his books are a little slow, as is Jane Eyre, but they are classics for a reason.
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    Hehe, it's like questions like this are set up for people to answer Twilight. And by the way, I don't even think SM's books are even worthy enough to be written on toilet paper.

    Bahaha I just got a mental picture of me ripping out the pages of Breaking Dawn and flushing them down the toilet-- I would love to do that except I spent my own cash on that book and it would be a waste.

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    Oh, too many to count. Books today are aimed toward a certain group. Usually mindless teenage girls who've only read four books. I won't mention the names of those four books. *cough* Twilight SERIES *cough*

    I really wish authors would start writing because they like, it instead of wanting to get rich quick. Some popular authors today have made little girls, (meaning girls around my age) who can't write worth a fudge, think that they're something amazing if they can copy said author. It honestly bothers me to my core. Good books really do come from the heart, as cheesy as that sounds.

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    oat345, are you crazy?

    Jane Eyre is a classic and yes it drags on and on but there's a reason it's considered a classic.

    Yes, I agree about Stephenie Meyer. It was just so bad.

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    I believe Charles Dickens should have.

    And the novel Jane Eyre wasn't even worhty of that honour.

    I knew someone was going to say Twilight, but I'm keeping schtum on that one.

    Source(s): Wow, is it really that bad on Y!A that nno-one can criticise anything but Twilight without a thumbs down? There are other opinions you can have too, people! By the way, what is the reason Jane Eyre is considered a classic?
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