Famous woman radical from around the 1900-1940's era?

This has been bothering me since yesterday, and my brain is killing itself trying to remember, I'm pretty sure I remember a semi-well known woman radical that MIGHT have been described as an anarcho-socialist (or some form of revolutionary thinking). I think she was young during the height of her fame as well. I'm not sure she was really mainstream either; she might have been a more cynical, less liked (or not). It's not really THAT well known; probably a little obscure to anyone who doesn't follow revolutionary-history.

I tried looking through general history of famous women around that time; and all I can find is Emma Goldman. I don't think this is the one I'm looking for as it seems like my individual was born in the United States.

Any names of revolutionary women/girls that this description brings to mind would be helpful; even if they don't fit my description exactly. It's entirely possible that my memory has failed me and the description only vaguely describes who I'm looking for.

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  • MarjaU
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    1 decade ago
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    Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

    Lucy Parsons

    Voltairine de Cleyre

    Helen Keller (yes, her)

    Dorothy Day

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Vera Lynn, Judy Garland, Amy Johnson. Veronica Lake, Greta Garbo. Betty Grable, Queen Elizabeth( the mummy) Jane of the on a regular basis replicate,,, Tarzan.s Jane... .Oh my suggestions stopped working ..

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