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Is there any way I can express original thoughts without stumbling/pausing mid-sentence?

This seems to be a recurring problem for me. It seems like unless I'm reading from a script, I have trouble thinking of what to say when I'm expressing an original thought; it's like I'm always backtracking on what I say. For instance, today, I was being interviewed for one of my classes, and when I was answering a question I was asked, I was all over the place (and this isn't a rare thing for me). This is how it went, more or less:

"Well, at around the beginning or the middle of the movie I started falling asleep, but towards the end, I was, well, actually I didn't really fall asleep but I started dozing off to sleep at the start of the movie, and at the end I was asleep--actually, I was awake..."

Something like that. But the whole irony is that I want to get into a career in broadcasting (the class was a radio broadcasting one) and that I have a weekly sports talk show, but I don't know how to help myself from stumbling over my words all the time. Are there any exercises I can do to help reduce this? Or is this just a mental block? Because I'm really self-conscious about this. Hell, I had to go back and change some of the words as I was typing this question.


If anybody wants to critique me, here's an audio sample of the radio show that I'm on (this doesn't include that quote I had):

I'm usually the second person speaking in that show (i.e., the one who is asked about Brett Favre).

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  • 1 decade ago
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    All you have to do is study vocabulary. When you know enough words, you can express yourself easily. When I was four, my father played a game with me. We read the newspaper together and when I came to a word I didn't know, he made me look it up. After I knew the meaning of the word and had used the word correctly 3 times, it became my word. By the time I reached 6th grade my nickname was Dictionary. Dad started buying me vocabulary books which I would complete weekly. I have always been an avid reader. When I'm reading, I keep a dictionary beside me so that I don't stumble over words and continue reading without knowing the meaning of words I didn't know. There is nothing like an intelligent, well spoken person. Vocabulary and grammar are an art just like any other study. There are not very many people who speak well these days, not even the president of the United States who sounds like an idiot. Language is something to which you must devote yourself. People who enunciate poorly and use bad grammar will ridicule you but there is a smug confidence that comes with knowing you speak well.

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