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Why does everyone keep asking about Sara Palin's children?

I'm tired of people asking "if she wins, who will take care of her kids"? Umm...doesn't she have a husband? Is anyone asking about Obama's or Biden's children? Get real people.

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    It is an attempt to misdirect the conversation away from her Experience, views, beliefs, background, character to tell the Little Lady to stay in her place. Especially if she is not our kind of "Woman". This is about as sexist and weak, and cowardly a campaign as I have ever seen in my 52 years. It is a pitiful attempt to pander to people. Bristol Palin is nearly 18. And nearly an Adult. She is not running for Public Office. Her Mother is.

    Her Mother cut spending, is building an energy pipeline to the coast to pump Natural Gas to reduce our dependence on Foreign Oil and Energy. She understands National Defense and Homeland Security. The Alaskan National Guard Defends the US from Ballistic Missile Attack, and is on alert 24/7/365 days a year. She is one tough lady.

    She hunts, fishes, shoots, plays sports and stands up to the corruption in her own party. She is a Washington Outsider. Which makes her dangerous to Washington insiders. In other words she is an unknown to them. Somebody who could upset their apple cart. She is not yet corrupted by the DC Beltway.

    The Leftist mantra for decades is make the Political Personal. So they had to engineer a smear campaign. And since she lives her life as she articulates it, they had to attack her children. This is what Moral COWARDS do. It was wrong when people attacked Chelsey Clinton. It is wrong to go after Sarah Palin's family.

    This is also intended to keep out anybody is not part of the approved Political apparatus. If you are an outsider stay out of Government.

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    It goes back to the traditional view that mothers take care of the kids and fathers go off to work. I guess a lot of people still think that, even if they don't admit it, or in some cases I don't even think they realize it deep down.

    Gazz is right about VPs, although recent VPs have been more involved in politics. But truthfully, except for being the decider in rare tie votes in the Senate, there really isn't much a VP is required to do.

    I don't really see where it's hypocritical. Lots of "traditional" women have had jobs at one point or another. What would be hypocritical is if she said flat-out that a woman's place is in the home while she's not.

    I imagine her husband will do the majority of the child-raising though.

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    I don't think I've ever seen a candidate, even a female candidate, being told that they should just stay home and take care of they're kids as much as she. I think people that disagree with her political views, who normally would be outraged at the view that a woman's place is in the home, are mostly responsible. I think the children's father, who has done most of the child care while she was governor, is perfectly capable caring for them.

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    everyone figures a man can't be the main care giver. Women are equally guilty of this. Allot of women look down on stay at home dads which is not fair to the father or the working mother.

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    Because her general views match those of the wing-nut branch, and they keep insisting that no woman should ever be allowed to do anything but raise their young and clean house.

    Although I haven't been asking that question, I HAVE been enjoying the hypocrisy.

    Biden's children are grown.

    Michelle can care for the Obama children. That's how wing-nuts LIKE it!

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    This is about on the same level as asking who will take care of her children´s children.

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    Obama is the wierdest factor interior the UNIVERSE --------- different than for Sarah Palin. you recognize i'm a honest minded guy with astounding judgment, so pay attention me out. Sarah is a respectable man or woman. Her ambition is the yank way. yet, it is absurd. She's an uneducated hillbillly ditzy splendor queen. She's no Oval workplace textile except the completed usa is going thoroughly GAGA!!! She's very suited. Her paintings as Governor of Ak grow to be brave and revolutionary for the human beings there. She is a pentacostal evangelical who each and every from time to time does some witch-repelling prayer shaking with Nigerian pastors, not that there is something incorrect with that. yet chum o mine she isn't Oval workplace textile. i could decide for Goldie Hawn interior the Oval earlier i could decide for Sarah Palin. each and every time she speaks impromptu she shows herself to be an understand-not something. we've tried a understand-not something interior the Oval (G.W. Bush). It did not paintings nicely. as quickly as burned two times shy. To be President of the country you need to understand approximately 10,000,000 situations as plenty with regard to the international as Sarah is familiar with. To be a splendor queen, you need to understand with regard to a similar quantity that Sarah is familiar with. short answer: Obama is the worst of all achievable Presidents, different than for Sarah Palin. the different candidate the GOP places up will in all probability beat Obama. Barry prays on his knees each and every night that super Freak will grow to be super Freak area 2 because of fact the GOP runs Sarah Palin against him. He would not ought to debate her. She could wipe the floor together with her very own face. it is a actuality Jack, and it includes you from from a man or woman who takes 2d place to no guy on desiring Obama long previous and long previous, and long previous.

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    That's a stupid sexist question asked by jerks who think women should be kept bare foot, and pregnant. It's not like she just stayed home before. she was Governor of Alaska. EDIT ////////// Inn46237 might have a point.

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    I agree, I don't think her family has anything to do with it. If people are asking "who's going to take care of her kids?" then that's blatantly sexist.

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    Hasn´t her daughter who´s seventeen just found out that she is pregnant? Hell, I think that woman needs to TALK to her children. But yeah, you´re right, nobody asks about anyone else. Just shows how much sexism there still is.

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