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Need some guidance on the newest dog?

Ok, just adopted my 3rd dog (what a zoo!). I have a pit and mutt already and know everything I need to about them. My new dog is a pit/shepherd mix. I know how to handle the pit side of her but I'm not well versed on the shepherd side, which is most dominant. So, I could use some guidance on the shep side and also, how to relate it to the pit side. Advise? I want her to really show both her breed traits.

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    Ditto all the advice from MJane. A German Shepherd's best traits (motivated & loyal) can become their worst problems if not addressed. The Shepherds I have owned all seemed to have one thing in common - they want one special person to bond with. Since you have the other dogs, is there another person in the household she can call her own? If not, it is even more vital that she be given another outlet. A frustrated dog may hire herself to "protect" you from strangers or even your other dogs, whether you need it or not.

    They are so smart, but they still think in canine terms. My Shepherd is very fond my neighbor - she's known him for 5 years. She runs to greet him in the front yard or in the house. So when we were going away overnight, we asked him to check in on her. She would not let him in the house or the back yard! He said she didn't attack, bark or even growl - she just stared at him & refused to move out of the way. He has owned Shepherds before & understood that it was nothing personal against him - she was just doing her job. I ended up driving home early & they still get along like nothing ever happened.

    From my experience, pits are usually friendly to humans, but frequently have issues with other dogs. Shepherds are reserved with strangers, but generally get along with other dogs. As long as those traits blend together, it sounds like you could have a pretty good dog. But there's always that period of adjustment when everyone's determining their position in the pecking order... I just adopted my 3rd dog also! Good Luck!

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    well your not going to know right away which side is more dominant. Since with mixes they have a healthy dose of both personalities. You are going to have to really just watch and observe which is the more likely of the 2. Every dog is different. I dont know what her use would be on the sheep side, since shepherds are not used as sheep herding dogs anymore, and unless the shep that bred with the pitt was from herding stock most of the breed has fallen away from its herding instinct and geared more toward the companion and service dog types. So her true nature will blossom soon enough. I will bet she will make an awesome dog no matter what though.

    I have a gentle giant of a teddy. He is Cane Corso/Pitt mix and he doesnt act like either of them. Only in one very distinct situation and I am always looking for that.

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    The one thing I will say about the Shepherd is that she is a working breed! She'll need a job to do to keep her focused. Training will be a must. We were in a recent class with a GSD which was wild. But they trained it on agility, and the dog was so beautiful and good at it, everyone just stood there with their mouths gaped open.

    GSDs can also get territorial, so work on socializing her. They protect their families and generally aren't fond of stangers. But proper socialization should do the trick.

    Good luck!

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    you think you have a zoo!I have a chow,a great Pyrenees,a boxer,a rottweiler,a german shepard,a pit bull,and two mixes,plus 6 cats,60something chickens,and a miniature horse.our german shepard is SOO sweet!she'll try to climb in your lap even though she's over 100 pounds!our pit is soo smart!he loves to ride in a truck and he loves his tennis ball!he's also the biggest and most muscular pit I've ever seen!so my advice to you is to make sure she knows she's part of the family.she sounds like a beautiful dog!

    Source(s): owner of a REAL zoo!
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    The Shepherd is very clever easy to train willing too work hard for it's master and needs lots and lots of exercise.

    If a pitt is anything like a Bull Terrier? sounds like opposites really do attract.

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    be careful with the GS side!

    i think they are harder to train then a pitty!

    GSD are very territorial and my friend's seeing eye dog is a total sweetheart, but is VERY attached to my friend and her only, if she leaves for a split second he will go into a frenzy of barking biting frekaing out. then when she comes back he will attack her in anger.

    these dogs need proper training, good luck with him if he is like this id reccomend getting a trainer, my friend needs alot of help with hm!

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