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How do i change my photo not avatar photo on yahoo answers?

I need to know how do i change my photo ^ up there to another photo but i don't want a avater tho kk pleaz help

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    If you want a photo/custom picture as your avatar you need to make a yahoo 360 account.

    The photo needs to be saved on your computer as a jpg file, don't worry about the size to much yahoo will adapt it.

    1> Click "my page” (top of page).

    2> Click "edit personal photo" (on the left above photo window).

    3> Click “browse” choose the photo from your photos click "save", Set as primary and "save".

    4> Go to your “edit my profile” click “use my yahoo 360 picture” scroll down and press "preview", and then "OK" in the next screen.

    And your done.

    Yahoo are still doing maintenance throughout all yahoo sites and some avatars may be slow to show so try to be patient.


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    Yahoo 360 Photo Uploading Instructions:

    1. Click "My Page" at the top of the page.

    2. Select either "Upload Yahoo! Photos" or "Edit Profile Photos" on the left.

    3. On the Personal Photos page, click "Browse" to find Yahoo! Photos on your computer's hard drive.

    4. Click "Upload."

    5. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

    When done with Yahoo 360 go back to Yahoo Answers.

    Click on "My Profile", then Click on Edit Info, scroll down and check the option "Use 360 picture"

    :) again

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    Just change the default picture of your 360 profile

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    circulate to view my Yahoo profile, click edit then click exchange photograph. it rather is going to inform you to function a %out of your pc and what length it might nicely be. merely follow the training.

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