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Do You Find The Confederate Flag Offensive?

There are huge debates about the public use and wearing of the Confederate flag across the US. Some people find the image of that flag offensive by itself.

It has deep roots in the Southern parts of the US. Do you find anything wrong with the public display of the Confederate flag?

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    no, its not offensive. it makes a colorful table cloth or window shade.

    that's about all.

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    The people who are offended by it nearly always (in my experience) think the person displaying the flag means something completely different by it than they do.

    If a white guy has a Confederate flag on display he probably intends it to mean that he is rebellious. Then someone else comes along and claims that the guy is a racist because of the flag. People want to think that everything else going on in the world is about them. If somebody talks to their friend in a language you don't understand, it doesn't mean they are talking about you. A lot of people can't override their emotions with logic.

    My experience with it has been on the West coast. Things in the South might be different, but I doubt it. The bottom line is that it represents part of our history, and to outlaw your history is ridiculous.

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    I do find it offensive. I don't buy that it has deep roots in the South. That flag didn't even exist before the Civil War and was the flag carried in battle. It wasn't revered and loved during the antebellum period. It didn't exist.

    When someone says it has meaning to them, I'd like to ask what, exactly, does it mean.

  • It maybe history. But what kind of history are we stating? This was a time of secularism and the resistance to abolish slavery. How come you never see any union flags in the north? To many people this is why they may find it offensive.

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    We tolerate a lot of forms of expression in this country

    Some are alot more offensive than historical Confederate Flag

    I personally believe that if someone wants to where a T-shirt or jacket with the confederate flag on it we should except it as that person right to wear it.

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    these days in basic terms approximately something is offensive to somebody.because of fact the U.S. preferrred court docket has ruled burning the yank flag is an expression of unfastened speech,then individuals such as you will ought to settle for the show of the accomplice flag as a valid expression of unfastened the same time as in college,I tacked a three'x5' accomplice flag to my dorm room wall.basically one man or woman ever complained approximately it.yet another student,whose father were an officer interior the German military for the period of international conflict 2,displayed a Nazi flag (swastika and all) in his dorm room window.yet yet another student saved a framed image of Adolf Hitler on his wall.One Jewish student went berserk approximately it,however the image remained.the element is freedom of expression is extra considerable than somebody being indignant.

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    Well, it stands to represent the confederate states, which seceded from the rest of america in a battle over slavery. At best, it is a separatist flag, not a unifying flag.

    So, to many people, the confederate flag is a flag that salutes slavery. Remember, only 50 years ago, most of the south was still segregated.

    The swastika is held in a similar regard by many, simply because of the people who flew it and what they stood for.

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    It happens to be part of this countries history. If not so much focus would be given to the flag, it would not be an issue.

    It is always better to ignore something than to fight about it.

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    It depends on who you are, I suppose. Being a native southerner, I don't find it offensive at all. No one else really did until some ignorant groups started using it as a symbol of hate. Some states have caved in and removed it from their seals, insignia, etc. I don't believe it should be removed because it is a symbol of history and heritage, and serves to remind us of a turbulent time in our history and where we came from.

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    I think it is wrong to call yourself a patriot and fly a confederate flag. The confederate flag is the most anti-America symbol that exists. Nothing says I hate America more than the flag that was flown by the very people who did not want to be part of America.

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    It is part of our history and as long as it is second to the Stars and Stripes there is nothing wrong with it. I was born and raised in the North. I am also anti PC and feel people well be offended by everything so they need to grow up. Peace

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