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Do You Find The Confederate Flag Offensive?

There are huge debates about the public use and wearing of the Confederate flag across the US. Some people find the image of that flag offensive by itself.

It has deep roots in the Southern parts of the US. Do you find anything wrong with the public display of the Confederate flag?

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    The Confederate Flag is truly misunderstood especially by Northerners. This flag really is all about heritage and yes it is offensive to a few however, we can not tell people not to wear certain items because they might hurt others feelings and the only reason why its offensive to a few is because those few have no idea what the flag actually stands for. They need to read some books and I bet if they did they would not find the flag so offensive. This flag stands for the brave men and women who were willing to stand up to an evil and corrupt government. I would just like to make one point about slavery. The American slave ships that went to Africa to buy and trade slaves were owned and operated by northerners flying the American Flag and not the Confederate Flag!!!! The more and more Northerners try and pull the flag down the more people will fly the Confederate Flag! I don't care who you are no one likes big brother telling us what we can and can not wear.


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      Sure it wasnt about Slavery but that flag still stood for some of the people who approved of slavery and the people who thought black people were not humans and saw them as animals

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    These days almost anything is offensive to someone.Since the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled burning the American flag is an expression of free speech,then folks like you will have to accept the display of the Confederate flag as a legitimate expression of free speech.While in college,I tacked a 3'x5' Confederate flag to my dorm room wall.Only one person ever complained about it.Another student,whose father had been an officer in the German army during World War Two,displayed a Nazi flag (swastika and all) in his dorm room window.Yet another student kept a framed picture of Adolf Hitler on his wall.One Jewish student went berserk about it,but the picture remained.The point is freedom of expression is more important than someone being offended.

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    I'm an african american who has grown up in the North all of my life.

    I am not offended by the Confederate Flag because thanks to my education in college and my degree in Political Science, I know what it truly represents. That flag represents a way of life that once was in the South and the history of the people who lived there.

    No, not all history is good or positive, and YES slavery was a horrible part of that lifestyle years ago. But remember the South's economic survival relied heavily on the production of cotton and slavery was a huge part of that process.

    It is sad that people use this part of our American History to terroize people and strike fear in others hearts, that was not the orignal meaning of that flag.

    This country was founded with the idea of allowing people to live free as long as they aren't imposing on anyone elses freedom or liberty. Unfortunately some people use that flag to do so. That was not it's original purpose.

    So, no I am not offended as long as the owner of the Confederate Flag knows the true history and meaning of the flag = The representation of a way of life for people years ago, which is all of our history. Black/White or any other race...

    Source(s): Degree in Political Science... My thesis was on this very subject. Respect to all!
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    I'm certainly am no fan of the Confederate flag. However, the United States typically causes in a year more death, oppression and sadness in the world than the Confederate States ever did in the entire Civil War. So if we gonna ban the Rebel flag, we shoud ban the American flag first.

    And you guys can boo me and give me low ratings all you want. I don't care. The truth is the truth.

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    Actually I don't--I look at it as part of our past, just like flags with 26 stars and other old pieces of history. It's not a very emotionally charged thing to me--it's an emblem of our past.

    But I don't live in the South, and I'm sure that it offends a number of people.

    You could look at the flags of the Union *and* the South as being offensive since neither government gave women the right to vote! So, you can read offense into a lot of things if you're determined to do so. Or, you just look at it and see how much we've grown.

    Hopefully we're still growing . . . .

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    Really it depends on the person's intentions.

    Of course, you usually don't know the person's intentions right off the bat. You have to take your settings into consideration. I live in the west, and have never even met a person who seemed considerably racist, or had much conflict with it. I don't get offended when I see the flag. I find it interesting and even good for people to remember the past and tip their hats to their roots, I haven't seen them showing any signs of racism.

    But in other people, in other places, and other situations, it can be offensive.

    If the people around you are taking it the wrong way though, seriously, either work it out with them, or just humor them and take it down. Be courteous. Both of you will learn something.

    If anything, our history with slavery should instill in us a desire to be more courteous and understanding of our neighbors, not more forceful and argumentative.

    Source(s): my own opinions based on my life experiences.
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  • Well, its a southern flag. Although it may remind people of racism. You also gotta think. The war wasn't started about slavery, and he North abolished slavery so the south wouldn't be supported by Europe.

    I don't find it at all offensive because its not a slavery flag but its a southern flag.

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    It's part of our history. We can't change history, as sad and horrifying as parts of it are.

    The confederate flag is a symbol of whatever we want to make it, but to me it's a reminder of a history I wouldn't want to repeat, so I don't see anything wrong with publicly displaying the flag......for the right reasons.

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    I'm torn. I realize it is part of southern heritage and they are pissed because they lost the Civil War, but the only time I see the flag is on some redneck's truck and in addition to the flag, he is sporting racist bumper stickers.

    While I'm pro-heritage, I do think overall, the flag should be put away. How can we ever hope to bring blacks and whites together in this country when yahoos are running around waving that flag and screaming racial insults?

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  • Mike K
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    1 decade ago


    No, I do not find it offencive at all but then again I'm white.

    I can understand its presence in some quarters since many died for it truly believing in the destiny of the South while not even owning slaves and the war having nothing to do with slavery but it has also been hijacked by racist groups in the North and Canada and has come to symbolize redneck culture as well as flying concurrently with swastikas etc.


    Michael Kelly

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