THE SEC Vs. PAC 10 ?

Who is better and try to make a strong statement?

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    The SEC is clearly Number 1:

    In tradition and culture alone, the South Eastern Conference is easily a better conference. SEC smash mouth defensive football versus PAC 10 Offensive Air Attacks (which are fun to watch by the way)...with the exception of USC (Southern Cal not South Carolina) being the exception to the defensive smash mouth rule.

    National Champs: LSU, Florida, LSU, etc...

    The SEC ended the season with more teams in the Top 25 (as usual), tougher schedules (as usual), better Bowl Win/Loss records (as usual), more bowl teams, a better non-conference record; and beat the Pac-10 (3-1) in head-to-head play.

    The All Time SEC to PAC 10 record is:

    59-37-5 (.609) with the SEC leading.

    In the last 10 years, the PAC 10 actually leads the SEC slightly, plus these numbers are based on historical affiliation. If you look at current affiliations (conferences periodically pick up or drop teams over time) then the numbers are 62-39-6...not much different.

    As a Bowl winning conference the SEC simply RULES!

    Bowls Wins Losses Ties Win %

    SEC 340 184 147 9 .554

    Pac-10 188 98 88 2 .527

    Big Ten 202 96 105 1 .478

    ACC 158 79 77 2 .506

    Big 8 127 63 63 1 .500

    Southwest 151 63 80 8 .444

    Big 12 85 41 44 0 .482

    Big East 70 38 32 0 .543

    WAC 96 41 54 1 .432

    This information is readily available via multiple online sources...minus the blog chatter.

    Strong Enough Statement? Did not even break a sweat...


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    From top to bottom the SEC is the toughest conference in college football. If USC wasn't very good every year people would laugh at this question. They are the only team in the PAC 10 to make noise in the bcs since its inception. The PAC 10 is 5-4 in BCS games. With 4 wins coming from USC (the only other win came in 2001). The last PAC 10 team to make a BCS bowl thats not USC was Was St. in 2004 and they were hammered. SEC is 11-3. I think the numbers speak for themself.

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    I guess if a team from either conference wins the national title than it would speak well for the entire conference. But the only way to tell is if they all played each other and then see who had the better record after the smoke cleared. USC is definitely as good as the SEC conference elites, ASU and Oregon could also compete in the SEC. The rest of the PAC 10 could probably not compete with the big dogs of the SEC but could definitely take on Vandy, Kentucky, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Miss. St. I guess it's kind of hard to say for sure. The SEC has a larger number of higher caliber teams but the PAC 10s bottom dwellers seem to be improving while the SECs bottom dwellers seem stuck in place.

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    SEC Vs. PAC 10 Challengers. The SEC looks to have the most contenders in range of a bowl game this year. They are just waiting for some of the PAC 10 challengers to come saying somthing about a bowl game win. I don't care what anybody says about any other comference this year, the SEC will pull-out of any scrap with a PAC 10 team. Now, that's the bottom line!!!!

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    SEC. this is too simple. but, the big 12 is clearly the #2 conference in america. There is mizzou, texas, texas tech, oklahoma, kansas, and texas a&m (depending on how well the coaching change goes); all of which can compete with sec teams. pac 10 has usc, arizona state, and maybe ucla (they did beat tennesse, an sec team, gotta give them props). So these 6 solid teams in the big 12 certainly trumps the 3 teams the pac ten can offer.

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    My team is USC but i think that the sec is better. The only team that can compete with the sec's elite out of the pac-10 is USC and maybe Arizona State. Gerorgia, Flordia, LSU, Bama would all beat most the teams in the Pac-10 minus USC and ASU. They are just bigger, faster and are used to those tough games where they are used to alot of really tough defenders.

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    5 years ago

    I am a Maryland fan (ACC). They should have had an 8 team or 16 team playoff system a long time ago. I look at it this way. At least Ohio State was in the National Championship game. Obviously they had the right to be there, regardless of how bad they lost. I like Oaklahoma also, but your right. That one year they didn't even win their confrence championship and STILL went to the National Title Game (only to get smoked by USC.) I think That was a good example of a team not deserving of a national title shot.

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    i think there is better competition in the SEC.

    but let it be known that USC could probably beat any team in the SEC.

  • RJ
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    You can't really answer it conference vs. conference, just team by team. Both are the 2 toughest conferences in football, so even a team with losses is still better than most of the country.

    This year the 2 top TEAMS are USC and LSU, but I feel that USC would win head to head.

    People are "hyping" Georgia, but I don't feel that they have a really tough schedule. (just a few tough games)

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