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did my aquarium gravel kill my fish???

i bought this artificially dyed,blue,aquarium gravel & i suspect it has killed my fish.i never noticed till it was too late but it smells like toxic plastic.has anyone experienced this?


yes & the gravel was bought from a pet store.it was specifically made for aquariums.

Update 2:

yes & the gravel was bought from a pet store.it was specifically made for aquarium use.

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    Most plastics are not toxic to fish. If the gravel was bright blue, it was likely coated to keep the blue dye from leaching out into the water and killing the fish, so it's not surprising that it smells like plastic. I would suspect a lot of other things of killing your fish before I would suspect the gravel. It's highly unlikely. Do you know all about the nitrogen cycle in an aquarium? Research that really well and then re-think the gravel angle.

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    As long as you rinsed it, I see no way that the gravel could have killed your fish, especially since it's specifically made for aquarium use. Unless it's extremely sharp...

    Try typing up the symptoms/behavior your fish had before it died, and you should find it by asking a question in this website or doing a search over the internet t find the disease your fish may have had.

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    I've had fish tank's all my life & never heard of that! Did u rinse it b4 putting it in? Did u just set up ur tank & put the fish right in cause that can kill fish 2 cause of no bio-filter (good bacteria) that kill's the fish waste. Have you ever cleaned the gravel in anything other than plain water? I think another issue is there. I'd need more info. I do know what i'm talking about i now have 150g saltwater 2 20g & a 55g tank going fine! Basicly, if you put new fish into a new tank & didn't wait 4 the tank to age or too many at once or both it killed them from poison from their own droppings!

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    You should use a bucket. Get oxygen tablets and stress coat and put them in the bucket. It will sort of sedate the fish. If you leave about an inch of water in the bottom of the tank you won't have to re-cycle it because the bacteria will still be alive as long as it's still covered in water. The fish should be okay for an hour ro so but I wouldn't reccomend any more then that if you can avoid it. If not take you chances they'll probably be okay for a few hours.

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    It is exceedinly rare for aquarium gravel to harm your fish. I've never even heard of that being a problem. Blaming the gravel because of how it smells is really a poor way of finding a solution.

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    If it was made for aquarium use- I highly doubt it is what killed your fish.

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    So the gravel is new,

    so is your tank and everything else?

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    Your supposed to wash it out before you put it in the tank.

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    it may not be the gravel that killed your fish but did you change the water. if you did not it may have died of dirty water from its doodoo

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