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1000 virgins in Heaven? ?

If a Muslim man looked forward to the idea of recieving 1000 virgins in Heaven, wouldn't that be lust, and considered sinful? Genuine question, not the "I found a loophole in your religion, God doesn't exist!" thing.


Like I said, I'm not trying to pick at it, I'm curious. If I was ignorant why would I be asking the question? I'm not assuming anything - which is why is it a question.

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    Ok, but they don't say what kind of virgins are, and there are 10,000 not 1,000 they are 10,000 virgin nerds with their laptops playing warcraft.

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    Their religion is very different from Christianity and therefore they have a different set of "rules" then Christians. Although, I have yet to meet anyone who follows their own religion the way they pretend too. On the topic of 1000 virgins (the number seems to change constantly), if it were me I would be very disappointed. I'm dieing for my religion and all I get is 1000 virgins? I'm living for all of eternity, for crying out loud! How long could 1000 virgins stay virgins when I have all of eternity? Pretty soon all I'll have is 1000 dead women who wont leave!

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    Doing any good deed with the thought of reward is very wrong. I am a muslim and I always did good deeds without the thought of a reward (heaven). If you do anything good not for God but for getting 1000 virgins in heaven is a sin.

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    Naw - it's only somewhere around 70 or so virgins. But I keep asking myself, just exactly who do you suppose those virgins will be? I'm guessing that SOME of them will be their nagging mother-in-laws (made new?), their wives (made new?), their daughters, etc. Who else COULD they be, except for unwilling sex slaves. And how long will they remain virgins? If they are unsatisfied with what they have in THIS life, what makes them think they'll EVER be satisfied in the NEXT? (These are just a few of my own ruminations - sorry.)

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    Peace and blessings be upon you.

    Completely the opposite.

    When believers know that all what they may need is in the heaven , they will obey the God to get his heaven and from his orders not to do adultery .

    for this cause , the moral decay which in between the unmuslims don't happen with muslims who follow their religions.

    Who left the wrong for the God, the God will reward him.

    God exist.

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    Offering 1,000 virgins in heaven is definitely an excellent way to draw converts from islam. Currently, they only get 72 virgins.

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    I'm doubting your number. Does your source also indicate that there would be sex with the virgins? Or just that there would be these pure, chaste people. Cause you're a virgin only once. There must be more to this. I'm thinking, just because the word 'virgin' is mentioned, it does not automatically mean that there's an orgy to be had.

    Would you please provide more info/quote/citation with context?

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    Wonder what his women will say of this 1000 virgins.

  • he's not receiving any virgins or non virgins in heaven there is no such thing in Islam in the first place.

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    It's only 72 virgins. Not worth it in my book ! Where in hell did they get 72 from anyway ?

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