What is the best embroidery machine with sewing machine on it?

I am looking for a good sewing machine and embroidery. Can anyone help me? Any brands that are reliable and not expensive at all?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Reliable and Not Expensive" embroidery machines are not easy to find.

    Fortunately this is an excellent time for people to be able to do some embroidery/sewing machine shopping and finding great values.

    The major sewing machine manufacturers have all introduced new Top-of-the-Line machines within the last year. Brother, Viking, Pfaff, Bernina...it is quite an opportunity for people to purchase the "out-dated" but still fabulous machines at a far greater discount then ever....new or used.

    Check your local dealers for Brother 4500 or 2500 that were used as trade ins for the new one. Or check to see if the pricing has been reduced. The new Brother has just hit the market so the Brother trade-ins should start taking off soon. (Especially later this fall when the machines will be available.) Look for Pfaff 2140, 2144, 2170 that were traded in although they may be harder to find because it has been about a year.

    Viking also released a new top of the line this summer so you may find a number of trade-ins as well.

    Janome has some nice embroidery/sewing machines that are not as pricey as Brother or Pfaff. People really like their Janomes and they have lower price points than the others and still have good reliability.

    Shop around at your local dealers. Be wary of internet sales. You would be safer to purchase your machine from a dealer because the dealer should carry a warranty with a used machine so if anything goes wrong, they will fix it or tune it up. Internet sales are an "as is" and you may end up having to pay a dealer a lot of money to fix it.






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  • 4 years ago

    Best Sewing And Embroidery Machine

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  • wilcut
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    4 years ago

    Best Embroidery Machine

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree that you will not get anything reliable and not expensive. ANything great comes with a prce tag!

    Iam selling my Brother Innov'is 4000D NOT because it is no good it is EXCELLANT however I do not sew on it and it is wasted just sitting thHi all,

    Yes ,I have decided to sell my machine because I have NEVER sewed on it and it sews fantastically! What a waste of this wonderful machine to just be embroidered on!

    List price was $7999.99 dealer asked $6999.99

    I purchased the two upgrades around $300 and $400 each.

    Never even opened the border hoop or used it at all!

    The quilting foot is brand new too both of them!

    I know it quilts exquistively too!

    I just purchased the double-wide hoop and three piece table and brackets and cable to enable this machine to stitch our 12x12! Yes my friends it will do that. I just received this about 3 weeks ago and I wasn't home so it is out of the box but as of yet unopened!

    Hoopitall's reg price was $725.96

    There are four hoops, 1x2.5, 4x4,5x7 and 12x7 and of course now the 12x12 as well! Actually I just yesterday ordered two more hoops the 4x4 and the 5x7 so these will be brand spanking new as well!

    The 3 pce table that comes with it is very sturdy so the hoop is extremely stabilized when stithing out.

    Also have the Magna-Hoop for it and I used it three times. It is great too! It was around $200.00

    ALL of this and stabilizer as well will come with it!

    Now here is some of the things it can do and some of the designs on it too!

    Mickey MOuse and friends, Pooh Bear and Friends,Some princeses, Nemo, Beauty and the Beast,Snow White and the seven dwarfs, Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Tinkerbellm Dumbo, Lion King, some Mulan, Dalmatians, Dumbo,The Lady and the Tramp, The Aristocats etc to name a few and these all are BUILT right into the machine!

    Hooks up to the internet and can use a flash drive/memory stick/ju,p drive as well as Brother Cards.

    This machine is VERY user friendly!

    270 utility stitches

    · 429 built-in embroidery patterns, including 134 exclusive Disney® designs

    · 1000 SPM embroidery & sewing speed

    · Large embroidery area (300 mm x 180 mm) (11.8"x7.1")

    · Large Colour LCD touch screen (215 x 95 mm) (8.5"x3.75")

    · USB interface - computer connectivity

    · USB Port - external memory connectivity

    · Automatic needle threading system

    · Automatic presser foot lifter

    · Pressure foot adjustment

    · Independent and quick start bobbin winder

    · Automatic thread tension

    · 7 point feed dogs

    · Knee lifter

    · Side feeding

    · My Custom Stitch

    · 4 hoops included

    You can customize your own desingns in My Customizer and even edit onscreen! You can resize up and down by 20% onscreen.

    You can use a mouse with this machine too and move your design around the colored screen with your stylus!

    It just does sooooooooo much more than I have stated here so if you are interested, please email me PRIVATELY not on this group at mikeandjane@sympatico.ca and I will send pictures if you like and tell you the excellant price I am asking for it.

    Don't hesitate as it will NOT last long!



    ere . Here is the info and I hope it helps you.

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  • Jill M
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    1 decade ago

    There are some Singer CE 150 and 250s on EBay if you just want to do small designs (left chest logo) that are really reasonable. I have a Singer xl-1000 and a Husq Viking d-1 - the both sew about 5-1/2x9 which is big enough to center in the middle of a sweatshirt. They are both pretty old and still sew terrific. Just watch feedback, make sure you are getting what you need hoop size wise and I have also heard a lot of good things about Janome and Pfaff embroidery/straight sewing machines. You are protected on EBay if you pay via Paypal up to several thou dollars - if it is not as represented. So I would definitely ck them out. Good luck! Jill

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Husqvarna is known to be a very good machine. Also, you can get a Bernina - they have a wide range with embroidery machines.

    Personally, I don't recommend that you get a combination machine. It is better to have a stand alone embroidery machine and a sewing machine on the side. You can get more done, and if one needs to be serviced, you still have the other. Also, I think it may be more economical?

    Try http://www.dekatzenembroidery.co.za for more info on tips to buy a machine.

    Source(s): machine embroidery experience
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  • 1 decade ago

    Reliable and not expensive do not fit into the same sentence. There is an old saying, "You only get what you pay for." I work for a sewing machine dealer and have found that the Babylock combo machines do a good job of sewing and embroidery. Good Luck

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  • 1 decade ago

    If your a beginner like I was. I bought a Brother SE 270D Sewing & Embroidery machine a couple years ago. I love mine, and the cost of one now is pretty cheap. Check ebay or local sewing center, I plan to upgrade at some point. But this one has been great to have to make things for xmas presents and things for my grandchildren.

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  • Kate D
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    1 decade ago

    Are you after a sewing and embroidery machine? One that can be used for both clothing construction and embroidery?

    You are not going to get 'good' and 'reliable and not expensive '.

    Good, reliable sewing machines are going to cost money, and so are embroidery machines. For a reliable make, look at Pfaff, Bernina, and Husqvarna.

    If you already have a reliable sewing machine, you might want to look at embroidery only machines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have recently purchased a Bernina 430E embroidery/sewing machine. Bernina is a wonderful brand and the machine is awesome. I think you would be very pleased with it!

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