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Exhausted girls list pt 3...?

My list of favorite girl names is SOOO long that I decided to split it into 6 parts. I would like you guys to comment on them individually: what comes to mind, how it sounds, how it looks, etc.


Freya (fray-uh)

Gemma (means like a gem)

Georgie (combo: Georgie Samara)

Gisele (jih-zell)

Greta (greh-tuh)


Hedwig (nickname: Hedy, Hedy Lamar's name is nickname for Hedwig)


Hermione (her-my-oh-nee)


Illysse (ee-lease, or ee-lee-suh)



Thank you!!


I dont like the names because they're in Harry Potter. I have a REALLY long list of names, and they're all in alphabetical order, and Hermione and Hedy start with the same letter. Also, Georgie is NOT just a boy name, its actually more commonly used for a girl.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Freya (fray-uh)--Like it as a middle, not so much as a first

    Gemma (means like a gem)--completely adorable!

    Georgie (combo: Georgie Samara)--ick. I like Georgia with Georgie as a nn...

    Gisele (jih-zell)--gorgeous

    Greta (greh-tuh)--original but not weird...I like it.

    Hadley--eh...blah (not good, not bad, just kind of there)

    Hedwig (nickname: Hedy, Hedy Lamar's name is nickname for Hedwig)--fairly terrible, I'm sorry! (I think of the owl in Harry Potter!)


    Hermione (her-my-oh-nee)--also cute

    Hester--not my favorite

    Illysse (ee-lease, or ee-lee-suh)--I like it with both pronunciations

    Imogen--super cute!


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  • 1 decade ago

    Freya: Sorry not my favourite, but actually an OK name

    Gemma: Sounds very girly, unusual. I like it very much

    Georgie Samara: I'd rather go with another middle name, how about Sierra, Serena or Sahara? But Georgie is cute =)

    Gisele: Like a top model's name, very stylish

    Greta: Very popular in my counrty, it's OK

    Hadley: I'd rather use it as a middle name

    Hedwig /Hedy/ : Sorry I don't like it

    Heidi: It's OK, not my favourite

    Hermione: I just simply love it. Beautiful

    Hester: How about Vesper?

    Illysse: A bt made-up but nice

    Imogen: One of the names I hate for no reasons. Sorry =)

    Ingrid: Like a queen's name in the 14's century.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Freya no Gemma had a friend named that we called her genny georgie pudding and pie so sorry couldn't help myself..Gisele my niece is has that name and it grows on you Greta i went to school with and did not like her or the name hadley is okay Hedwig no Heidi is cute Hermione no no no Hester no Illysse no Imogen no Ingrid is okay i hope it helped

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  • Kate D
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    I love the names Freya, Gemma, Georgie, and Greta! The name Freya always makes me think of Lady Freya Edgerly, Samantha Sweeting's fun-loving and free-spirited friend in one of my favorite novels, "The Undomestic Goddess" by Sophie Kinsella. My mother had a lady friend named Georgie, too, who is now deceased.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Gisele, Hermione (not because of Harry Potter, I actually hate the books/movies) and Ingrid.

    The rest sound too old and the poor kid will probably get teased. Not that I have any thing wrong with old names, I actually think traditional names are awesome. But I don't like your choices much.


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Gemma (and I like it better than Jemma), Gisele, and Imogen. The rest are either rather old-fashoined or from Harry Potter. Sorry, but I definitely think NOT Hedwig or Hermione.

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  • handly
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    exciting determination of names. Any clarification for choosing Sitara? it particularly is a center eastern call which ability celebrity. As for score them: Ruth (blend. Brenna Ruth) - i'm no longer a fan. I easily do no longer see plenty character. Samara (blend. Georgie Samara, suh-mar-uh) - gotta say i like this call. Very unique and actually ethnic. Sayuri (sah-yoo-ree, eastern for small lily) - does sound extremely eastern and asian. Serafina - sounds partly middle eastern. uncertain how i think approximately it... curiously like the call of a tea or something. Shannon - i'm no longer a fan in any respect. Sitara (sih-tar-uh) - it relatively is incredible Teagan (tee-gun) - no longer a fan Tegan (tay-gun) - no longer a fan Vera - it relatively is okay, yet this call particularly relies upon upon the middle call to be incredible or no longer. Violet (blend. Violet Erin) - it relatively is exceptionally Wren - no longer a fan in any respect. Wynne (Welsh for honest white, or organic) - no longer a fan Zipporah (Hebrew for little fowl, Biblical) - it would not look precise with the letter z... zipper? how approximately Sephorah?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Do you like Harry Potter (Hermione & Hedwig).. The names from your list that I like are.. Hermione, Gisele (really beautiful) & Hadley.. this name is growing on me.. xo

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You really need to cut this down more just by what you like. Seriously, can you imagine yourself saying to your friends "this is my baby x" where x is any one of SIX TIMES this many names?

    I'd ditch Hedwig - it's Harry Potter's owl - along with any name where you feel the need to explain to people how it's pronounced.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Freya..I don't really like this one, sounds like frayed.

    Gemma..This one is alright, the meaning is nice.

    Georgie..Georgie is a boy's name.

    Gisele..I love this one, so pretty and exotic.

    Greta..I am torn on this one. I like it, but it might be too old fashioned?

    Hadley..I think this is more of a last name.

    Hedwig..Sorry, I definitely don't like this for a girl.

    Heidi..Cute name, I like it.

    Hermione..I don't care for it, reminds me of Harry Potter.

    Hester..Sorry, I really don't like this one either. Again, I think this is a last name and DEFINITELY not something I'd name a little girl.

    Illysse..This one is cute. I like the name Elyse which is pretty close to this.

    Imogen..I don't like this, it's too different.

    Ingrid..This one is too old fashioned for my taste.

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