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how can I become rich , very rich ?

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    Getting rich is seldom anything that happens overnight, except to the very few who are either very lucky or very skillful, or both.

    The good news is, almost anyone can do it. Put away 10-20% of your income away for retirement. If you do this starting at age 20, you can retire at 50 or even younger.

    The bad news is, most people don't do it. They figure it's too simple to actually work. So they keep having dreams of driving fancy cars and spending money like Bill Gates on an income of Maury Pilonavich. Look at me! I have a $20!

    Chances are, you want something besides riches. Maybe it's freedom to travel, hot women (or men), or you want to not have to worry about money. Money does buy happiness, but most people choose not to spend it for that. Figure out what you really want, and set your goals.

    Maybe this isn't enough. If you are looking for a suggestion - I have built considerable net worth by investing in rental property. It doesn't make much cash, if any, at least not right away. But you might look into buying a 2 or 3 unit building and living in one unit while you rent out the others. The rent should cover the payment, you are only responsible for the expenses, most of which you will have anyway.

  • Ways to be rich, super rich:

    Easiest Way:

    1. Born rich (have rich parents)

    2. Marry a rich spouse

    Hard Way:

    1. Lottery (very hard)

    2. Invent something/Start a trend

    3. Start your own company and be successful at it

    4. Get a high paying job (lawyer, doctor, fund manager etc)

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    Your focused on the destination of "being rich" look for a figurative vehicle to get you there, I did it with building a business with passive income and then I sold it, now I'm on my second one, I'm not very rich but I'm Very comfortable, I don't like what people become when they are very rich.

    If you do this you take your dream and make it a possibility, this is the first step, then read allot and get a very rich mentor.

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    diverse motives including: one million. The economic gadget is starting to be a growing to be form of 'winner takes all'. subsequently, in case you be triumphant then you definately attain a huge way, and in case you do no longer then you definately do no longer. partly, with the aid of globalization markets are greater so human beings can enhance into greater markets and make greater earnings. 2. partly with the aid of globalization firms have greater capability. they might play countries off against one yet another and benefit greater effective earnings. they might shop wages low. As a % of gdp earnings are at an all time intense. In different words productiveness valuable factors are no longer being translated into greater labour income. economic sources are predominantly owned by utilising the prosperous so as that they income. 3. the hollow between inner maximum and public education has greater. us of a has decreased its provision of education for undesirable toddlers the place as money spent on inner maximum education has greater. this implies that inequalities of wealth and incomes capability are strengthened from one era to the subsequent. this implies that mobility throughout the time of society is diminished. 4. Tax expenditures have fallen which favours the prosperous. no longer purely is there a miles better disparity between what the backside earners and maximum earners earn, however the intense earners get to maintain greater of their wealth. 5. the prosperous have greater their administration on government. us of a is run by utilising the prosperous for the prosperous. it particularly is a plutocracy.

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    Find a penny and put it on red, win and put all of what you've just won on red again and win. Do that 30 times.

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    investment, businesses, shares. i would recommend rich dad poor dad books

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    win the lottery or work hard like everyone else.

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    education and a job

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