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鎮茂 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

採礦 protection 開頭之英翻 懇請幫忙

The proponent shall allocate about 10% of its initial working capital

investment for the sustainable protection of the environment and it's the

health of its workers. It shall adopt the best practice on mining for

maintenance of sustainable environmental conditions at every stage of

the mining operations.



1.sustainable protection? (特別是sustainable) 係指撥付投資額之10%款項嗎? practice on mining在這裡當何意呢?

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    1. 擷取整句翻譯的話, sustainable protection of the environment 做為"永續性的環境保護措施"

    2. 我和MJ的意見有些不同. 若it所指的是那筆經費. 則此經費不是個能"採用best practice on mining"的人或組織. It 在此所指的是The proponent, 會比較適合.

    3. 應該要問問看"Best Practice"有沒有更適用的中文翻譯. 參考wikipedia, 這有最有效力與效率的做事方式的初意. 但這裡應該比較傾向"最好業界標準程序". 例如: 採用最好的採礦業界標準程序. 依據整句的內容, best practice需要是能達到永續保持環境狀態的最佳開採程序.

    這是wikipedia中對"best practice"的註解.

    Source(s): 自己, wikipedia
  • 羅莉
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    1 decade ago


    1.sustainable protection? (特別是sustainable)

    sustainable: 可持久的

    sustainable protection of the environment 持久的環境保護 係指撥付投資額之10%款項嗎?

    it就是指投資額10%之配置款項 practice on mining在這裡當何意呢?


    2008-09-07 15:40:13 補充:

    Richard大所說的 "It 在此所指的是The proponent, 會比較適合", 令人訝異.

    The proponent是提案人, 請問何時開始人可以用"it"來稱呼的? "It shall adopt..."豈不成了"牠應採納..."?? 提案人成了禽獸??

    2008-09-07 15:49:35 補充:

    不同意It是指The proponent(提案人)的說法.


    "採用best practice on mining"的, 不一定要是人或組織, 卻可以是一個計劃或一筆經費. 前文不也說了"It's the health of its workers"嗎? it怎會是指提案人?

    Source(s): 英文相關行業20年
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