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    演唱 : MVP Allstards Feat. Stagga Lee

    曲名 : Roc Ya Body 'Mic Check 1,2'



    Rock ya body mic check one, two

    Cuz it aint a party till the crew run through

    Shake ya body show me watchu can do

    like Ohh-oh, Ohh-oh

    Rock your body, mic check 1, 2

    DJ spin the needle, rock into the groove

    Bump it louder so the crowd wanna move

    Like Oh-oh, Oh-oh


    Yo, I blaze the illest

    So much skill, its impossible for you not to feel us

    The realest, MC that you ever met in your life

    I'm tryna see you work

    Put a little sweat in your life

    I got an idea, and it might sound silly

    But I wanna roll your body in a tight brown Philly

    Crack it, lick it up, seal it, air tight

    Get a light, because you know we gonna burn it all night

    And I just might, double the ice on dental

    And if you double the price, Me and Vice rock in cmon!

    [Repeat Chorus]


    Like BOOM!

    I be at the hotel soon

    We gonna put the lens on zoom, Benz on vroom

    As long as you got the right perfume

    Aint no body checkin out the telly till noon

    You should get a Stag top, on the backbone

    Stag rap, I'm peelin off them tight Sassoon's

    Honeys stop breathin when I step in the room

    And ain't nobody leavin when I set it with the boom

    [Repeat Chorus]

    [Vice Verse]

    I like it when you work it for me

    lemme see you do that boom boom!!

    I like the way you work that for me

    If you wanna party baby we can get together,

    boom boom!!

    Cuz you know you make me so horny

    Maybe you a hottie when you get up on the floor

    and boom boom!!

    Never wanted someone so badly

    We can leave the club, and hit the telly,

    get a room boom boom!!

    Lets go! all my ladies sing along now!!


    We can party till the night is through

    So baby tell me what you wanna do

    Got the keys to the hotel room

    You know I got my eyes on you

    Hand rubbin up and down my thighs

    I'm starin at you with my bedroom eyes

    The way I'm lookin', boy your so, so fine

    So we can get it on tonight!!



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