Can anyone give me some detailed info on 92M mortuary affairs specialist? ?

I would like to learn more about this army mos. I am also interested in 68X mental health specialist. So any info on that mos would be appreciated as well. Do people in these jobs like them? Is there career potential in the army for either of these jobs? What is the mission if deployed? What is the likelihood of deployment?(I know all jobs can get deployed, but some are more automatic than others I hear) How gross can 92M get? A lot of questions, I know. Thanks in advance for any help.


I understand the basics about these jobs that can be found many places online. I am looking for some more personal, inside info. Again, thanks to anyone who helps.

Update 2:

Wow. Thanks for the info. Is there any way I could get in contact with you MA? I would like more specific info and I don't think this yahoo answers thing is the best forum. I can't seem to im or email you, and I am not sure if you can send me anything either. But please try. If not, maybe I can post my email or number here, but I don't know if that is a stupid thing to do. Let me know what you think. Again, thanks.

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    Alright so here's the dirt from a 92M. People in this job both like it and dislike it like everyone else in the Army. This will depend on the individual. The main complaint with this MOS is that when CONUS, the job is simply not done. There is no work for a 92M in the states. Now you will have all kinds of time to do college and details and shamming.. Not so much MA. There are duty assignments/rotations to Dover Port Mortuary and the Richmond Morgue however those are few and far between. You will... I repeat... you will absolutely... get stationed.. at Fort lee.. for the fist couple years. Its how it works. Once you attain e-5 it is possible.. possible.. to be stationed in Hawaii at JPEG or somewhere else. Google JPEG cause I'm not going to explain it. The deployments are 6 month rotations unless you are a reservist. It alternates between the two active duty MA units and the puerto rico reservists. 92M can get very gross. Let me know if theres anything else.

    Oh.. weapons.. yeah... not so much. We are Quartermasters.. The job overseas consists of processing remains, cataloging personal effects, shipping and transporting said effects and remains and the paperwork that accompanies both. Again, not combat arms. Pretty much don't leave the FOB. Hell you might even get Kuwait and not even really be in a combat zone.

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    Mortuary Affairs

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    I was 92 m and cant tell anything Very secret if u wont to know get it good luck 1 in 1000 get in 20 my make it

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    Major duties. The mortuary affairs specialist performs or supervises duties relating to deceased personnel to include recovery, collection, evacuation, establishment of tentative identification, escort and temporary burial. They also inventory, safeguard and evacuate personal effects of deceased personnel.

    (1) Skill Level 1. Searches areas for unburied dead, hasty, isolated, or unmarked graves, personal effects, and identification media. Disinters remains, records personal effects and evacuates remains and personal effects to designated points. Determines and records recovery locations on maps, sketches, and overlays. Establishes and records tentative identification. Assists in preparation, preservation, and shipment of remains. Inventories, safeguards, and evacuates personal effects. Assists in mass casualty burials.

    (2) Skill Level 2. Plans and supervises search and recovery operations of deceased personnel, personal effects, and identification media. Instructs in special handling, marking, and shipping of contagious disease cases and processing of contaminated remains. Supervises receipt, storage, and issue of supplies and equipment. Accompanies remains and personal effects to designated locations and assists with arrangements for military honors at place of burial.

    (3) Skill Level 3. Performs duties shown in previous skill level when required. Advises commanders and headquarters staff on mortuary affairs activities and coordinates activities of subordinate units. Establishes and maintains liaison with support and combat units. Coordinates trans portation requirements for deceased personnel.

    (4) Skill Level 4. Performs duties shown at the preceding skill level and provides technical guidance to lower grade personnel. Advises on temporary cemetery locations, emergency burials, and security and disposition of remains and personal effects. Coordinates with non-U.S. service authorities, other service authorities and civilian officials on mortuary affairs matters. Coordinates and advises on military burials and ceremonies. Assists in review of mortuary services contracts. Advises summary court authorities on disposition of personal effects. Supervises mortuary affairs activities.

    (5) Skill Level 5. Supervises mortuary affairs activities, provides technical and administrative support on graves registration matters, acquisition of land for temporary cemeteries, equipment requirements for mortuaries, and recovery/evacuation procedures.

    Physical demands rating and qualifications for initial award of MOS. Mortuary affairs specialists must posses the following qualifications:

    (1) A physical demands rating, of very heavy.

    (2) A physical profile, of 222222,

    (3) A minimum score, of 90 in aptitude area GM.

    (4) Formal training (completion of MOS 92M course conducted under the auspices of the U.S. Army Quartermaster School) mandatory.

    In a nutshell? You know those guys who went to Kosovo, and buried the mass graves? Rather, dug them up, and then reburied them? Those guys who open the bodybags after a major IED attack? Yep, that's them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    when you do get deployed they might give you a weapon..maybe

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