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Anonymous asked in HealthWomen's Health · 1 decade ago

Has anyone else had problems with the IUC Mirena??

I got my and for three weeks it hurt so bad I seriously couldn't move.

I went to the doctor thats when they told me it was floating around in my adbomen, so 48 hours later I had to have surgery(laproscopic) to get it out. It had perforated my uterus which means it literally went through into my adbomen. But since then my body has been weird. Can I sue Mirena or the doctor that inserted it because the doctor that removed it said that it happened during insertion??


It had only been 7 weeks since I gave birth could it have been too early?? Or is that a risk you take that there can be nothing done about??

Update 2:

I would never recommend them to anyone or ever get one myself I would rather have 20 kids then get another one.

When you start taking a new medicine it tells you what can happen like blood clots and such, people still sue for things like that so whats so different??

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    I recently had the Paraguard Copper IUD placed, about three weeks ago actually, and I have had no problems. I'm about to get to the point. The thing is that when I got there, I was given a patient information pamphlet to read about my IUD, I read the ENTIRE thing because I wanted to know what I was doing to my body and what the risks were in having the thing inserted. IN the packet it informed me that there was a chance of it perforating the uterine wall and traveling to another organ in my body. Anyway, AFTER I read that whole thing, I was asked to sign something that stated that I had read and understood everything in that packet, and I am sure that this is due to some liability procedure so that if what happened to you had happened to me, I couldn't sue because I signed a paper stating that I understood that that was a risk in having the IUD placed. If you went through the same procedure I just described then no, you cannot sue anyone. It IS just a risk you take that nothing can be done about. Even if you signed the paper and HADN'T read the packet, it STILL said in the paper that you signed that you had read it, so no, if this is what you did then no you cannot sue, and probably not anyway. Sorry you had problems though, and just to let you know, if you still want one you can probably have another one placed with less chance of that happening again since that RARELY occurs, but does anyway. If you DO get another one though, I would suggest having a different doctor perform the procedure. Good luck!!:)

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