How could Sarah Palin do this to her daughter?

Now that it's officially been made public that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter is pregnant, one big question comes to my mind: how could a mother do this to her child? Why did Sarah Palin accept the vice presidency for John McCain when she knew her daughter was pregnant and that once the news got out it would be a media nightmare for her and especially a nightmare for her daughter? I mean seriously, consider how that daughter is feeling right now...if she were to turn on the TV right now, every news channel in the nation would be broadcasting her name and picture, talking about her unwanted pregnancy and casting her in a hugely negative light; she's in the spotlight of the entire nation and most of the world for putting the entire republican candicacy for the white house in jeopardy and for her unwanted pregnancy at 17 years old.

Her mother must have known this would happen once she became VP and the news got out about her daughter, so why did she accept the nomination? If she hadn't, she would have been just another Alaskan governor and her daughter's pregnancy wouldn't have been front page nationwide news...i.e. her daughter wouldn't be in the hugely embarassing and miserable situation she must be in right now. Was the vice presidential nomination really more important to her than her daughter's well-being and life in general?

Not to mention the fact that, no matter what the press releases might say, it almost certainly is not her daughter's own decision to keep the baby and immediately marry the 26-year-old that impregnated her. Being forced to keep a baby you don't want and enter a marriage you don't want can't be any walk in the park either, and the combination of that with the media spotlight on her must be making her life truly miserable. This all could have been avoided if her mother hadn't accepted the VP nomination, but she did, knowing this would happen and knowing it would put her daughter in a very bad situation and attract attention to her that will follow her until the day she dies and it just seems really cruel and insensitive of her mother to put her in that position.

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    @ crafty, downsouth_houston:

    Google "bristol palin levi" and you'll find a few sites that confirm he's 26 years old.


    Yes, but Obama's grandmother did not run for Vice President of the United States when she knew it would ruin the lives of her daughter and her daughter's child.


    Lie? What lie? She just confirmed it today. And this question isn't stating facts or things that are lies, it's asking a general question of what we feel about this situation. Also, pretty convenient for you to say the question-asker's mother should have had an abortion so he or she would have never existed, I bet you wouldn't say the same about any of your right-wing friends or any other mothers giving birth these days.

    @ Bunky:

    It's not a fact, it's just an assumption; I don't know about you, but when I was 17 years old the last thing I wanted was a life long commitment to one person as well as a baby on the way to take care of for the rest of my life. It just does not seem likely by any stretch of the imagination that this was the daughter's choice.

    @ LCY:

    None of your business? Sure, the ethics of the second most powerful person in the world and assistant to the leader of our country are none of our business, I guess we should just look the other way and ignore everything about everyone running for office since we've never met them and therefore everything about them, good or bad, is none of our business.

    @ kat_lady2:

    How could you say that Palin is not doing anything to her daughter? As it says in the original question, this could have been very easily avoided for her if she had just not accepted the nomination; it was a choice she made to put her daughter in this terrible position, and she made the wrong choice.

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    If Governor Palin truly cared about her daughter and her future grandchild, she would have passed on the nomination to protect their family's privacy. Maybe Gov Palin is trying to teach her daughter a lesson about consequences.

    Palin should have know that a spotlight would be put on her whole family. I feel sorry for her teen daughter, who has to grow up really fast right now.

    It is indeed a family issue that should be handled out of the glare of the media. Personally I hope they are able to get through this difficult time.

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    The daughter isn't the project. The hypocrisy isn't the project. all of us is clever sufficient to make those inferences or to not. regrettably, area of the political panorama includes digging into the previous to make inferences with regard to the applicants judgments. What you wind up with are liberals way on the left going after this, and individuals way on the right protecting it, and distinctive human beings interior the midsection who're attempting to come to a decision what they think of. Obama took the intense highway, it could have been incredibly uncomplicated to not denounce this given how "mainstream" suitable-wing talk instruct hosts have been feeding into sterotypes for 6 months. What this won't do is take social themes off the table. What the right is attempting to do is take all social themes off the table. The Obama marketing campaign hasn't touched any social difficulty yet and the right is attempting to deduce that we are going to not have a debate approximately: abortion, abstinence, creationism, the function of religion in public coverage. we are in a position to nonetheless have those debates without pointing on the girls's daughter. How can the left help it if issues in her very own life help the information? it is a wash on the two aspects. a number of those severe leftist are going after each and every thing, and severe rightist are protecting the strikes hoping McCain incredibly did vet her. McCain's judgement is the project. i've got faith very deeply for Palin's daughter, who given the political panorama of this usa because of fact the 1900's, and her mom's selection to thrust her interior the spotlight and attempt and canopy this up, is going to go through very much.

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    I don't think even Sarah Palin had any idea of the cruelty that the desperate democrats would sink to in their quest for the white house. To attack a 17 year old girl and a 4 month old Downs syndrome baby is lower than anything the GOP has ever done. Shame on the democrats.

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    I really feel bad for Bristol. She's 17, and everyone in the country knows that she's pregnant. Unlike Jamie Lynn Spears, she's a regular girl who never wanted any publicity. I think (I hope) that either Sarah really thought this news would never get out, or that Bristol told her mom it's ok to take the nomination.

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    How is it not her daughter's choice to get married? Do you know that for a fact? These things happen to a lot of girls and some decide to marry the boy and some do not. I am sure palin asked her daughter before jumping in and saying yes to the nomination. That is how normal families work.

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    I agree that it was a bit selfish on her part to accept the nomination knowing it would thrust Bristol (what's with the kids' names as well?) and the pregnancy into the spotlight. The cameras kept focusing on the daughter, not the mother during her speech.

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    I'm not sure that this is not the daughter's choice. She's been raised with the strict conservative ideals, this just may be her act of rebellion and as usual she really only hurt herself. Perhaps if her mother was not governor of Alaska, and home more this may not have happened at all. My question is why have 5 children if you want to be a career woman, one or two maybe but 5!

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    Palin is not doing anything to her daughter. Gossip mongers like you and the news media that feeds you gossip hungry idiots are the ones doing the crap.....get a life, be thankful it's not you. SHUT-UP ALREADY!!!

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    How interesting that you failed to mention her father and the support that he will provide. That obvious ommission say everything about the intent of your posting.

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