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Survey: Do have a geniune leather couch, at the same time you are a...?


Because one time, I made the mistake of pointing out that fact to my girlfriend, who was eating a strictly vegetarian meal while she was sitting on her very nice real leather couch...just wondering?

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    I too wonder what happened to you after that? Thunder and rain???

    You are right (even if a bit tactless!) about vegetarians who go blue in the face shouting for animal rights! And then they make distinctions in animal kingdom. They choose who are important enough to shower their affection on and who are dispensable!

    Here in South India, most Tamilians are vegetarians and the strict ones do not wear leather slippers/shoes. BUT, but the women wear lovely Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees!!! I can never understand that. They think us meat-eaters are depraved and blah blah blah; while they themselves have no qualms about boiling millions of silk-worms just to wrap around their beautiful bodies....I guess, worms are considered vegetables...

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    I have a genuine leather couch but I am not a vegetarian. However, I feel the same way you do about vegetarians that do own animal products. A lady I worked with would say that she would eat "nothing with a face." However, she had a beautiful 100% leather jacket. I would ask her, "So, it's taboo to eat meat but okay to wear a hide like buffalo bill?" She ho-hummed about it for a few days and then the leather coat disappeared. She either put it away in disgust or ate meat and gave up vegetarianism. Who knows.? Who Cares?

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    Personally I am a strong protector of the Nauga. Do you know how many Naugas you have to skin to make one sofa?

    Seriously, I have found vegetarians to be somewhat odd. A true vegetarian is not supposed to use anything from an animal that gaining that item would cause harm to the animal. That would include the skin for furniture, belts, shoes, wallets, purses and so forth.

    I wonder if they shave. Leather was always used to strop the razors for shaving when I was a kid. And no, you can't strop the razor on the side of a cow. It just won't work, even if the cow allows it to happen.

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    I have a beautiful red leather couch I got from a friend and I am all about eating meat.

    I do know an obnoxious vegetarian who owns two leather chairs and a couch, but openly judges all of us for eating meat.

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    I never tried a vegetarian girlfriend or had one, but if they said yes ever, I'd leave the leather couch out of the conversation...

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    Nope. Never. No leather couch, or leather car interior (and before you jump in, it's a Scion XB--very fuel-efficient). Just a few leather shoes, but the rest are fabric, plastic or rubber. The plastic and rubber aren't biodegradable, so it's a trade-off.

    My parrots do play with some leather toys, and they love cooked chicken bones. My dogs eat a raw meat, bones and vegetable diet.

    Many people who don't eat meat do it for heath reasons. I don't eat meat because I don't want to eat animals. I don't fault people who try to do the best they can. It's like getting upset with someone who normally recycles, but you catch them throwing away a can every once in a while.


    Wow! Meat-eaters are a pretty hostile bunch.

  • No leather couch, and I'm definitely NOT a vegetarian.

    Kind of ironic, though, to refuse meat but have a couch lined with some poor animal's tanned hide.

    Did your girlfriend think you were crazy, or did she stare in horror??

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    If she is a vegetarian cause hse doesn't liek meat SO WHAT , but if she is becuase of animal abuse , she needs alitttle education! Leather is obviously from a dead animal. I had the same debate with this preaching vegatarian with leather boots and leather seats in her car. SO Stupid!

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    I was lacto-ovo vegetarian for 16 1/2 years, and during that time we did buy a suite of brown leather, big sofa and chairs.

    Yeah I'm a hypocrite.. great chairs though... I'm no longer vegetarian but the furniture is still going strong ! ;o)

    Source(s): I reserve the right to enjoy being a hypocrite ! ;o)
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    I sure do, and I am not a vegetarian.

    We didn't climb to the top of the food chain through evolution just so that we can start back at the bottom and eat only greens. That's just my opinion.

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