Smaller Insulin Pump?

I have the Deltec Cozmo [insulin pump], it's great but I want something smaller. I was looking at the Minimed. Anybody using this or recommend any other insulin pump? Thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    We have a minimed. I love it. It's also CGMS compatible, if you didn't already know. CGMS is a continuous glucose monitoring system. The minimed works with that program.

    It's not really that much smaller though. As far as recommendations, well I guess I would defer back to you what you look for most in a pump. If you swim a lot during the summer, for example, Animas is on the cusp of becoming the first waterproof insulin pump. Animas can also deliver in .01 increments, allowing you to accommodate even the tightest target ranges. I hear great things about Omnipod, but didn't trial that one, so my insight would be third hand, let me refrain. Cozmo has those springloaded injections, minimizing injection pain. And Minimed as I said is CGMS compatible.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Although I am only a med student I haven't heard anything about the Minimed. With its smaller size it will have many advantages.

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