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Name at least 3 obscure or often forgotten celebs....?

example would be say.... lou vega, dean cain, and jerry mathers.

best list wins best answer. dont name too many though. this should be fun.... athletes can count too, but be careful that they are not only regional. for example.... is tommy herr nationally known? singers, bands are ok, and tv show characters or the actors who played them.... i.e. laura winslow. good luck this shoudl be fun!!!!

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    Chris Kirkpatrick ((*NSYNC))

    Kurt Cameron ((Actor..I think in Growing Pains?))

    Tiffany ((I think she was a singer...))

    Jack La Lane ((I saw him once on an infomercial for his blender or something..))

    Carrie Fisher ((Actress-Star Wars. Yeah, that girl!!))

    Justine Bateman ((Actress? Brother is Jason Bateman))

    Fabio ((That model guy who got a bird smacked in his face.))

    Jaleel White ((Actor-he played Urkle!! Haha.))


    That was fun.

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    1 decade ago

    i cant name any cuz i cant remember them cuz i forgot the forgotten haha

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    aly and aj!(the band)!!

    lou vega

    and.......yeah..jerry mathers!!

    and truly that was fun!

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