What Kind of State Legislature?

What sort of state legislature does Maryland have?

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    The Maryland General Assembly is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Maryland. It is a bicameral body. The upper chamber, the Maryland State Senate, has 47 representatives and the lower chamber, the Maryland House of Delegates, has 141 representatives. The General Assembly meet each year for 90 days to act on more than 2300 bills including the State's annual budget, which it must pass before adjourning. The 423rd Session began January 10, 2007 and adjourned April 9, 2007. Like the Governor, members of both houses serve four-year terms. Each house elects its own officers, judges the qualifications and election of its own members, establishes rules for the conduct of its business, and may punish or expel its own members.

    The Maryland General Assembly convenes within the State House in Annapolis

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