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McCain Voters: Has the recent news swayed your opinion at all.?

McCain's VP, Palin is known for her traditional views on abortion, gay marriage, etc.

The quintessential christian republican.

But now, recent news has it that her daughter is having a babie with an eighteen year old man, out of wedlock.

(she is 17)

Has this swayed your opinion of her, or even your vote?



not babie.

I suck at spelling, sorry

Update 2:

Good evening Laura.

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    Ihasn'tnt swayed me in the least. You can only do so much for your children. They still have their own minds and free will, regardless of what we tell them and teach them.

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    If Palin was asking her daughter to get an abortion in private while at the same time taking a public pro-life stance then I'd be disappointed. But she is being consistent with her beliefs. I'm sure she would have preferred having her daughter do what is going to be best for her future and avoid this incident but not all things are perfect. You go from there. As a voter who supports many of her causes as opposed to the other candidate, I'll still vote Republican for this election. Obama is too inconsistent from my point of view. He supports way too many special interests for my taste.

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    Absolutely not. Why should it? So her daughter got pregnant like a few thousand other 17 or 18 year olds.

    I heard her dog has fleas should I not vote for her because of that.

    Btw, the left will have a tough time with this issue since Obama already said it is off-limits. But the ole double standard will, of course, be used to try to cause trouble no doubt. This from a party that advocates killing the unborn at will.

    Source(s): The leftists have no morals to begin with so...........
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    He needs to get more aggressive about Obama and tell the American people about all the corruption in the Obama campaign. Hasn't swayed my vote away from McCain at all. I am proud of him and Sarah.

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    Not in the least. How can you condemn a person by their child's action. It would be different if it was one of the candidates doing something wrong, of coarse adultery dose not count if you are a liberal (Bill Clinton). To me this is no more important than our current V.P's daughters sexual orientation, Jimmy Carters crazy brother Billy, or Fords wife's addictions.

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    Of course not.

    First of all, contrary to the popular secular belief, Christianity holds forgiveness for all. Christ does not withhold forgiveness for any kind of sexual sin.

    Second of all how can a parent be held responsible for the sins of a child. Are you really trying to expand the definition of hypocrit to include the actions of a child and the beliefs of a parent?

    The ultimate hypocrisy is to abandon a truth because of a loved one's transgression.

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    Not really, but I was impressed by Obama when he recently told people (after finding out about Palin's daughter) that family was off limits. That's the way it should be.

    Some of the more liberal news sources are ignoring his request though.

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    No. You can't control your kids. Obama's mother was not married to his father when he had Obama by the way. Gore's son is a dopehead.

    The 17 year old is marrying her fiance and is not murdering the baby. Obama believes in killing kids. He voted against medical aid for babies who survive induced labor abortion 3 times. He said the mother wanted an abortion, not a baby so the baby should die.

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    Not to mention her husband's drunk driving ticket and the ongoing investigation into her firing of a state trooper who dared to side with her sister's ex-husband during a nasty custody battle. She's toast. She'll be stepping down so he can pick someone who has a clue and isn't a total embarrassment to so-called conservative values.

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