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Does Barack Obama really think there are 58 states in the United States of America?

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    Yep! but I believe he stated that he had been to all four corners of 57 states. He was told that he would not be going to Hawaii or Alaska. I think he meant 59.

    The following is one of my other favorite quotes from Obama:

    In May, Obama mentioned "Uncle Charlie" at a meeting with veterans but mistakenly said Payne had helped liberate Auschwitz, when he should have said Buchenwald. Bloggers seized on the error and the Republican Party demanded an explanation.

    Obama's campaign corrected the mistake the next day. Soviet forces liberated Auschwitz as they marched across Poland in January 1945.

    Do we really want a man who is lacking in geography and history to be our next president? This is rather disconcerning, to say the least.

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    ok we are able to evaluate Illinois which contain your 3 States in Median earnings (because Obama grow to be immediately in contact with the Illinois monetary equipment as a State Senator). Illinois Median earnings $40 8,953 Arizona Median earnings $40-one,995 Texas Median earnings $40-one,759 Florida Median earnings $40-one,236 See an earnings disparity? Yeah, I beneficial do. And in basic terms so which you recognize Michigan and Ohio have greater median earning to boot: Michigan Median earnings $40 4,905 Ohio Median earnings $40 two,240

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    I think he said 57 states. In my opinion he was probably referring to the 50 states and their territories. But yes, he did say 57 states.

    Does McCain think all Asians are "gooks"?

    Well Mikey, according to the article, he didn't make the distinction, I suppose we were supposed to figure it out for ourselves. Are the people that we are fighting against in Iraq considered "gooks" too, or the Germans? My point was why apply that term to any Asians? We can go on and on pointing out other peoples umm, "mispeakings" (if that is even a word), but it is something politicians do all the time, not just the ones we don't like. However, it still doesn't help much when you are a politician and you use a racial slur to label anyone. But, I see my point was totally missed.

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    Well, he is shown on video saying he had been to 57 or 58 of them. So, not sure where he dug up the extras. Maybe he had a premonition about Alaska being such a big deal this time around and counted it multiple times.

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    Obama is not about to let the good citizens of the states of Denial, Panic, Confusion, The Union, Grace, Mind, or Chaos be deprived of their right to vote just like citizens of the other states.

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    yep, actually he said 57, but he corrected himself 'almost immediately', within 2 days or so, and correctly stated that there are 50 states, so yeah, we should give him the benefit of the doubt, after all he is a 'community organizer', a 'Mayor Daly' democrat, who in winning his first public election, actually had the other 2 candidates, from his own party, disqualified over technicalities...he's a nice guy, he will be great at organizing the community, or disqualifying the other candidates, or raising taxes or spending tax money, but I wonder, will he still use 'Hussein' as his middle name??

    Oh 'jessica', no we do not call all orientals 'gooks', only the one's who were shooting and trying to kill us in 'nam. Oh, you weren't there? And you don't blame them, after all we should not have been there? It was our fault? Well, excuse me for serving my country, and remember, it was JFK and LBJ who got us in there, and good old 'tricky dick Nixon who got us out, so, yep if they are VC shooting at me, they are still gooks, can't speak for McCain however...

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    Who is Barack Obama?

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    Where have you been. That was before McCain said he didn't know what a sunni or shite was. Except Obama understands that he just mis-spoke he has kept a schedule with more things in one day than McCain does in a month.

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    Did we add another state since the Oregon primary?

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    Probably meant something like traveled through states 58 times. Counting going through one again as another state. I really doubt that he actually believed there were 58 states.

    That or he just messed up and meant 48 or something.

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