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Please rate my Fantasy Football team - in the UK with no-one to ask...!?

I went third in a standard 12 team draft:

QB Tom Brady

RB Larry Johnson

RB Reggie Bush

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh

WR Chris Chambers

WR Jerrico Cotchery

TE Kellen Winslow

K Adam Vinatieri

DST Vikings

R JaMarcus Russell

R Thomas Jones

R Deuce McAllister

R Ronald Curry

R Jabar Gaffney

What does anyone think? Cheers in advance for anyone who takes the time to answer.

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    Sorry, but your team is pretty weak.

    -Picking Tom Brady over a stud RB is ridicilous, guarantee he gets no more than 35 TDs

    -Larry Johnson is an overrated RB who is gunna get his job taken over by the end of the year by Kolby Smith whether he gets injured or not, and hes probably gunna get injured

    -Reggie Bush is a good RB if you get points for receptions, but you dont, Bush has never shown that he can score TDs in the NFL, he should be good for about 100 yards a game though, between rushing and receiving

    -Houshmandzadeh is a great WR whos gunna have a great year, good pick here

    -Chris Chambers and Jerricho Cotchery are both No.3 WRs at best, not bad

    -I think Kellen Winslow will have a great year, if he picks up his TD numbers, he could easily finish Top 3 TE

    -As long as you didnt take Adam Vinatieri before the last round, thats fine

    -Vikings D/ST should be great, probably Top 3, as long as you didnt reach too far for them, thats fine

    -I think Jamarcus Russell has the potential to do pretty good, dont really need another QB besides Brady except for his bye week or if he gets injured, which he probably wont

    -Thomas Jones should probably start over Bush, he'll have a little less yards, but hes more likely to score TDs than Bush

    -I'd drop Deuce and pick up Pierre Thomas is available, hes gunna get the goal line carries for New Orleans and wouldnt be suprised if he ends up with the starting job over Bush by the end of the season

    -Curry and Gaffney are just backup WRs, there fine for their purpose

    I wasnt trying to be mean or anything, just showing constructive criticism, good luck on your season, hope it turns out well. On a site note, I have family who live in England, Weymouth to be exact. Cheers

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    ok its a pretty good team im dissapointed you picked tom brady third instead of a running back like westbrook but thats ok tom brady is pretty much the perfect fantasy QB. Your Rbs are excellent larry johnson will get a lot of touches and bush is a good not great running back. housh is a good WR and chambers is very underrated. cotchrey is ok but better than curry who is very overrated. winslow is an awesome te and vinateri is a good kicker. vikings d is the best in the league. jamarcus russell is a bad fantasy QB he could have a breakout season but i doubt it. thomas jones is good and great bate for trades. so is mcallister. jabar gaffeny is not very good. i give this tean an 8/10 for great starters but poor backups. good luck!

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    I'm worried about your RB's. Bush proved he can't be an every down back last year, & LJ scares me being an overworked back with a bad O Line. T

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    drop russell and pick up another, ur rbs suck LJ is on the decline chambers should not be your starting wr. I would start jones over bush because bush will be splitting carries

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    Your team is very solid. I'll give it an 8.8 out of 10. I'd try trading Larry though b/c I think he'll have a crappy year.

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