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What does the US get out of its support of Israel?

We spend a huge amount of our foreign aid on Israel (about 70%),

And every since 1948 (creation of Israel), Radical muslims have come to power, as a back lash (Islamic revolution in Iran- 1979, Hezbolla’s rise in early1980’s, ect. & High Oil)…


If we support Israel (to the degree we do), then don’t they owe it to us to not do actions that are excessive (For which have no moral basis, Largely undercutting our ability to make peace in the Middle East)?

Off course, Israel is always the “good guy” in the Middle East, But it seems that the strongest side (Israel) is running America’s credibility into the mud, Purely for their benefit.

This documentary is TOTALLY mind blowing:

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1) If Israeli snipers take careful aim & shoot American/British journalists, do they really respect us in our (extremely expensive) relationship?

2) If this isn’t Genocide…then what is?

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    Israel sadly uses the argument that "the means justifies the ends" in defense of almost any action they take against Palestinians, Hamas, Hezbollah, Lebanon, spying on the U.S. (Pollard) attempted sinking the U.S.S.Liberty ,non-declaration of possession of nuclear weapons.I believe the Jewish experience of near annihilation in Europe by Hitler and the economic and political power achieved in the U.S. (AIPAC to support their efforts) have contributed, partly justifiable, to their behavior.

    U.N. resolutions condemning Israel have been largely ignored and the country has basically relied total U.S. support (military,political and economic) to protect its position.

    If I were an Israeli I guess I would side with them but if I were a Palestinian or Islamic I think the hatred would be palpable...overall its very complicated, sad and the U.S. seems to have seriously weakened its posture in the world with its unfettered defense of this nation.

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    US nothing polticians get to hold their jobs. There is more jews in usa than israel which defeats the whole purpose of independent jewish country, I dont blame them I wouldnt live there either. Think about this though. If you give 50 billion to a country of say 3 million. Thats 16 grand per person. I was reading a news article the other day where the british government gave the protestants in Northern Ireland 50 billion. Well there is only a million british in ireland. Say men half that. That's 50 grand every year for every single man women and child. With these aid packages small amounts are huge with small poplulations. No one ever does the math next time whip out a calculator.

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    The muslims are attacking and killing the jews in Israel so Israel is defending itself? We dont ditch our allies just because the odds are against them.(which they are. You have to be a moron to think the Israeli's are the dominant force in the middle east.) Oh and how exactly is Israel commiting genocide by protecting it's citizens and not letting the muslims eradicate the jews from the world?

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    a million. We help Israel because of the fact they're top and it somewhat is the ethical element to do. 2. We help Israel because of the fact we get large earnings from doing so. 3. Bin ladin did no longer attack us for Israel. in actuality, bin ladin became into our best chum jointly as we supported Israel. Bin ladin attacked us b/c we placed troops in Saudi Arabia after Iraq invaded Kuwait. Bin ladin advised us that having "infidel troops" in a similar state as Mecca became into an insult and we withdraw or face conflict with him. We did no longer withdraw and intensely Saudis declared him responsible of treason for questioning their authority. we've been battling ever on the grounds that. Moslems do no longer hate us for Israel. Moslems hate us for taking their oil in the 1930's and then toppling their govts while they complained. and that they hate us now b/c of ways we reacted to 911.

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    we get a ally with the balls to nuke those crazy muslims back into the stone age if they don't watch it with out asking the UN for permission or going through endless debates in a congress that doesn't agree on anything but giving themselves a pay raise

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