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Pocahontas and John smith?

In real life did they really have a relationship?

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    Pocahontas knew John Smith and had saved his life but i don't think they ever had a relationship. John smith had been captured by her family's tribe and he was about to be beaten to death but she went and threw herself in front of them to stop it.

    She married a man named John Rolfe in 1614 who she had met when she came overseas.


    Also when Pocahontas met John Smith, she was only about 10 years old.

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    Pocahontas was married to John Rolfe. Legend has it that she saved John Smith's life which may or may not have been part of a mock Indian ritual.

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    Was Pocahontas Raped

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    They had a brief romance in the first one; when they were separated it wasn't with any intention of trying to get back together. She then heard he was killed. It's no different than real life; people with immense attractions at first end up not falling in love permanently.

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    No I went on a site it said that probably made up by smith.

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    No, she did save his life, but they was not a real relationship with feelings involved. She ended up marrying another Englishman.

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    No... that's a fairy tale. And if they would've been real, John Smith would've raped Pocahontas like all the British did to N.A. women

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    i learned about this in history class and i want to tell

    u that in the past people thought that they wanted to marry

    each other but they never did even though they really like each other and that was only because they helped one another !

    Source(s): reflections social studies book (5th grade)
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    she was but he was called john rolfe and they where married but if it was definatley john smith then no she saved him

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    from what i've heard yes

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