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Can you recommend any 'scary' movies like 'When A Stranger Calls'?

I like scary movies, but not a lot of gore. Anything along the lines of 'what might be lurking around the corner'. Think Hitchcock, only modern.

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    There's many slasher films that follow the lines of Hitchcock's classic, most notably Psycho. The first of the many to come slasher films is the 1978 Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis, who is the daughter of Janet Leigh who starred in Hitcock's classic Psycho. Make sure you watch the original Halloween because the remake was a lot more gory. The only reason why the original is rated R is because of mature subject matter. Another one is Scream, it's not too gory. I'm guessing you watched the 2006 when a stranger calls, but there's an original 1979 version, you might want to check it out since you enjoyed the remake so much (Viseversa if you watched the original). I Know What You Did Last Summer is also another good one. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original) sounds bad but it's actually ok. Hope this Helps!

  • Prom Night,Vacansy And The Hitcher

  • Tilly
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    1 decade ago

    dead silence wind chill black xmas 1408 the mist

    Source(s): www.bloody-disgusting .com
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    jeepers creepers


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