What are the 8 main types of energy?

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1) Potential Energy
2) Kinetic Energy
3) Light Energy
4) Heat Energy
5) Sound Energy
6) Electrical Energy
7) Chemical Energy and
8) Magnetic Energy

The first two are sometimes clubbed together and called Mechanical Energy

Elastic Potential and Gravitational Potential are forms of Mechanical Energy. Mass is never a form of Energy.
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  • suriya answered 6 years ago
    Potential energy
    Gravitational potential energy
    Elastic potential energy
    Kinetic energy
    Thermal energy
    Electric energy
    Magnetic energy
    Electromagnetic field
    Chemical energy
    Nuclear energy
    Surface energy
    even more are there....
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  • Dogboy82 answered 6 years ago
    As previous answer, but never heard of mass energy. This might be the same as 'chemical energy' which you get from food. The technical term for heat energy is thermal.
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  • edancoll answered 6 years ago
    I've never heard of anything of the sort... I'll guess this is what you teacher wants to hear:

    Elastic potential
    Gravitational potential
    Mass (This is a tricky one)

    I can't think of any more. Your teacher must have told you what they are, because this is not a global term, "main types of energy". So I don't know.
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