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Fishes and tap water?

Well...someone decided to place my goldfishes in freaking tap water! its one of those 95 gallon fish tank..

it was only for ten minutes but my fish already seem to be getting puffy

just staying at the bottom which isnt normal..

and thats after i placed them in purified water

is there anything i can do to make them better?


I did not make this friend did it while i was away from the room..

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    Tap water is actually better for your fish but you must "condition the water". You cannot just toss your fish in tap water without using "tap water conditioner", which removes chlorine, chloramines, and heavy metals (zinc). Purified water in inferior to tap water because tap water has minerals in it that are essential to fish's immune system.

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    Tap water and fish are like oil and water - they don't mix well. You did a good thing to move your fish from the tapwater.

    Add dechlorinator to the tank, at the recommended dose, Also add Stress Coat, and a bit of tonic if you have any.

    Feed your fish a little less than what you normally feed.

    It's a waiting game hereafter. Your fish should recover soon. If not, seek help from a vet or fish supplier.

    Good luck

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    Well, purified water does not have any mineral in it. It is better for the fish to ues tap water that you have added water conditioner to. Adding some stress coat will help them recover.

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    Add Tetra Aquasafe water purifier

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    do no longer use spring water, it must be harming the fish. Use faucet water, and purchase some chlorine neautraliser out of your community puppy shop to do away with chlorine from the faucet water. Whoever advised you that fish want spring water does not seem to nicely known plenty approximately fish, get it out of the spring water, it does no longer be stable for it.

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    Goldfish can't live with tap water, u can add stress coat/ water conditioner, Anti-ammonia, and do water tests Hope ur fish will be ok

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    one of the best products you can us is Tetra Aquasafe water purifier.

    basically, you CAN use tap water, just follow the directions on how many teaspoons per gallon and your water will be ready to go!! its great!!

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  • You can't put fish in tap water?

    Jeez...So that's why my fish never lasted long.

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    buy some medicine then put it in the water thats all i did with mine

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    You can add a slime layer protection to the water.

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